how does one test a dog's eyesight?

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Barked: Tue Jun 26, '07 8:45am PST 
Just wondering, as our Dade is getting up there in age and this weekend he had a moment where it seemed like he didn't see/recognize me as I walked up the front steps of our house and barked at me like I was a stranger.

So then I wondered, how would a vet even check eyesight?
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They really can't, and if you did find there was a problem, there really isn't anything you can do. They don't make doggie glasses.

Most pups when they get older can't see in dim lighting. And in the bright light, it is like looking through a veil. As they get older, the veil gets thicker...

So help the pup, make sure they have adequate lighting.

And give LOTS of hugs...hug

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Onry Onyx had RX doggles glasses. I don't know her dogster ID#. Her mom was a big help to me because figgy has been going through some major eye problems.

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Poor Orny Onyx

She passed away this April at the age of 16!!


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Vets can and do check eyesight. They do this with a couple of tracking tests, by tossing things like cotton balls in front of the dogs eyes to see doe they follow the movement.

I have never heard of doggie RX glasses though, before hearing this it was more a matter of training your dog differently after losing his/her eyesight!!

My mom has a 15 year old husky cross who is 100% blind. She functions quite well, but of course has to be carefully guided when out in the yard or on a short walk. We even keep her leash on in the house now so when she gets stiff and wants to move, one of us just needs to grab the leash and guide her around till she tires out and wants to go back to sleep.

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They have some creative ways of testing this. Mom volunteered at a clinic and did do the eye test.

The way they did it was:
1) Cover up one of the dog's eyes
2) In a hallway set up some boxes, chair, etc. (basically different sized objects, the ones that wont move on impact are better).
3) Call dog through hall

Most dogs with sight will actually avoid the objects in their path (who wants to get hurt?). A blind dog wont see and therefore continue to run into various objects red face

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My opinion is use a laser pointer or hold a peice of food that she/he likes and move it around and see if he/she responds to it.applause
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You know how they check the pupils of your eyes with a flashlight to see if they dilate.

I don't know, but if you are blind do the pupils still react?

If not, then there is the way a vet would check for total blindness.

Sight is a dog's 3rd sence.

First is either scent or sound. Depending on the breed.

Hounds are bred for both scent and sound before sight.
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Thank you for linking that Mickey, I had a cheat sheet to do links, but who knows what happened to it in this mess on my computer list! Onyx had a tough life and was very lucky to find such great pawrents in her forever home!!! She is an inspiration to all of us pugs!!!

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We just put some boxes in the hall then called mutts to see if she could see em she missed some of them at least. watch out for sliding glass doors muts tends to walk into ours if we r not watching her ad to this she can also barely hear altho I think its selective hearing some days