Benedryl - Is there a wrong and a right type?

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Mom read an article once that there is a wrong and right kind of Benedryl to use for dogs. One had an ingredient that said it would do more harm than good, but she can't remember what it was, and she thought she saved the article, but can't seem to find it.

Has anyone ever heard of this?
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I haven't heard of such thing and my Mom gives me benedryl three times a day 'cause I have really bad allergies here in Northern Virginia - our Vet told her too so can't think it is a bad thing. Mom gets the generic benedryl but it looks just the same as the name brand stuff and has same mg of ingredients....


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You only want to use the regular benedryl, not the ones with decongestants, or any type of cold medicine.


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Benadryl, generic name diphenhydramine hcl 25mg

That's what you want. No added extras.

Also, do NOT get the type in a liquid gel cap, the gel perles do NOT digest in a dog's stomach.

Get regular capsules (filled with powder).

Generic is just fine, see the generic single ingredient above. Some stores have given their versions names (i.e. Walgreens calls their generic Wal-dryl). Just look for the scientific generic name with no added meds.
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I have given Cotton the children's Benadryl tabs. I thought they would be easier to get her to take because they are grape flavored. I can't give her very much (about 1/4 to 1/2 of a tab) because it totally knocks her out. Are these ones OK or should I switch? I don't give them to her very often. They are in the first aid kit for bug bites, stings, poison oak reactions, etc.
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My mom gives me 5cc of children's benadryl twice a day. I have really bad allergies to grass, I was on prednisone (prescribed by my vet) but today I had my last pill so I'm not sure if I'll be taking anymore of that. Mom says she is going to switch me to the benadryl pill form though because it will be lots easier to for me to take!! I don't like that nasty liquid stuff!! But I love a pill in butter! BOL! So I think that I will get one capsule a day and see if that helps. But like a previous dog said, be sure to get the powder filled ones. way to go
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Just make sure the benadryl you use on your pets does not have Tylenol in it, lots of night time meds have the combo.
Nikita takes 25mg of plain benadryl twice a day for allergies and it seems to keep them under control for now.

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I echo what others have said...
Give the kind that has JUST Diphenhydramine listed as the active ingredient. Avoid the "Cold and Sinus" formulas that might have tylenol or other things added.

The children's dose is 12.5mg and the adult dose is 25mg.

The proper dose for a dog is 1mg per pound of body weight every 8 hours. You can adjust it down if it makes your pup too sleepy.

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Thanks pups! Mom knew there was something she should be avoiding but could'nt rememer what it was. She likes to keep it on hand in case I get stung by bee and have an allergic reaction. I love to chase those thingies!