Husky has diarrhea!

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Lately my 6 month old make husky has had constant diarrhea. At first we just thought he ate something he shouldn't have, so the vet prescribed medicine. It seemed to have gone away after a week, but later that night it was back again! He eats nurtomax puppy and is never given any other type of food besides doggie treats, which he's been eating the same ones since we brought him home. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing it and any ways to get rid of it!!! Thank you!

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i know some worms can give your dog constant diarrhea....but im sure your vet has checked for that already....one of my dogs has soft stool all the time but thats b/c she can only eat canned dog food...so im not sure im any help...might need to go back to the vet.....good luck
Vance CGC

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Well, this is my story, anyway.

Vance has never enjoyed eating. Ever. Unless there's cheese involved, and he can't live off cheese. He's never had "nice" bowel movements. At first I blamed it on the stress of being rehomed twice, then I blamed it on myself for not preparing his food correctly. Finally I realized the dog just has some sort if issue with his digestive system.

In my experiences working with other people's dogs in training, and watching what happens at the vet I work for... Traditional veterinary medicine has no answer. They'll put your dog on drugs to stop the symptoms (diarrhea and/or vomiting), your dog will appear to be doing well while on medication, and about a week or two after the meds run out you're right back to where you started. Basically, the meds are only effective if you've run into a short-term problem caused by some minor irritation - They'll settle the system long enough for it to repair itself.

When it doesn't work, the dog ends up on these meds long-term (which is never good... Drugs have side effects) or diagnosed with IBS and told they need to feed X food only for the rest of the dog's life (usually a specially made prescription diet). I find feeding one food only to be extremely unhealthful, especially when it's a processed diet of sub-par ingredients like most prescription diets are. Vance's health reflects this: his stools are slightly better if he's on something that's all filler - probably because everything comes out same as it goes in - but everything else (coat, teeth, eyes, weight, attitude, etc) declines.

So I found a vet that works with natural medicine and went from there. That was about three months ago. He has improved, especially in the first month when he was on a lot of stuff to settle the stomach. We're trying to wean off them a bit now, although we're struggling against the weather... Huskies don't take it well when it goes from a dry 65 degrees to a humid 98 overnight. The vet guessed 3 to 6 months to see any real improvement. The goal is to get him off supplements entirely.

Do what you need to, I guess. It may simply be his food. A lot of dogs have had trouble with Nutro lately. Especially since they added soy to their food a few months ago... Very few dogs process soy well, especially on a regular basis. I guess a food change is where I'd go first.


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Sensitive stomachs are common in Huskies. Loki was always having diarrhea, or at least loose stools, when he was a pup. He couldn't have pigs' ears or rawhides, or any "people food" treats (hot dogs, cheese). Being a Husky puppy, he also got into a ton of junk (garbage, grass, etc). The first few bouts I was at the vet all the time, but then figured that most of the time he just ate something wrong, had played too hard in the heat, etc. But the first few years saw lots of diarrhea while we figured out what to stay away from. Unless it lasted for days (full-blown, gotta go, accident-in-the-house diarrhea, not just loose stools) I chalked it up to Husky-ness and watched what he ate and got into.

Both my dogs are currently on Timberwolf Organics Elk formula, and eat about half the recommended amount, and are doing great (unless they get into something gross!). I've also found that the Eagle Pack Holistic Solution supplement (on the Eagle Pack site, other sites and some pet boutiques) was helpful in controlling diarrhea and loose stools.

You may want to consider switching foods to a super-premium brand (e.g. Timberwolf, Solid Gold, Innova, Canidae), giving him filtered water (we bought a Britta filter for the kitchen sink), reducing the amount of food, trying a probiotic supplement, and taking it easy on store-bought treats (I make our dog biscuits now). We pretty much had to do a trial and error until we figured out what his stomach couldn't handle.

Good luck!!way to go

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Hi, you might want to get tested for Giradia. My malamute had contstant diarrhea for a year. They tested for everything and put him on meds like crazy and he would be good for a week and then back to the runs. A breeder told me to test for that. Once they finally got him on the CORRECT meds. All gone smile He also eats a high end no grain food Innova EVO. Your doggie could be grain sensative. First I would test for that. In the mean time give some raw pumpkin (canned), 1/3 of a cup in the morning and night. This will stop the diarrhea. Good luck and I hope it works smile

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Thanks for all your help, I will definitely use all the advice!
Josie - CGC

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Consider supplementing his food with plant-based enzymes & prebiotics.

This will help digest/clear the toxins in his system (putrefied protein, starches, fiber, fat), and stimulate the 'good' bacteria which will quell the 'bad' bacteria.

Specifically, I have had success with OptaGest by In Clover. It is not a medication and it is not harmful in any way. It is practically (or actually?) guaranteed for diarrhea, gas, 'stinky cheese smell'... If it doesn't work after 1 week consecutive, give me a ring because I'd like to know.

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When Maggie was a pup, I was told huskies and diarrhea go together like PB&J due to their sensitive stomachs. I really really had to watch what Maggie ate. Pork, chicken, turkey, cheese, even her Kong stuffing... seemed more things disagreed with her than agreed with her. It was maddening!!!!

For me, it worked itself out when I switched her to an all raw diet. She could eat any kind of meat as long as it wasn't processed or cooked.

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I am not sure if I am spelling this right or not but Accidophilas should work. I have this problem with my six month old german shepard mix and I now give her this twice a day and it has fixed the problem. You can find this in any health food store. It took roughly two days to kick in. If you try it I would love to hear if it works for you or not. I swear by it.