beagle w/herniated C-spine disc - Help

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My 4 year old beagle has a c-spine herniated disc. He is in a great deal of pain and I am treating him with strict bed rest, pain medications, pepcid and muscle relaxers. The option of surgery is poor due to the potential complications. I am inquiring if any one else has had this with a pet and if so, what did you do to help?

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I had a back problem two years ago, it wasn't quite as bad as you describe, but I was on crate rest 24/7 (except to use the potty) for three weeks, took some steroids and pain medications, and then I had to be very careful for another month or so. I'm ok now, but every once in awhile mommy has to make me rest cause it looks like I'm hurting again. I hope you feel better soon!!!
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Hi, I am sorry that your pup is in so much pain. Gunner had a herniated disc at C6-7, he had a laminectomy (surgery) and recovered great. It was a long recovery but well worth it. I am a vet tech so he was at work with me. We live in Washington but drove to Portland, Oregon to a friend who is a Neurosurgeon, he did a great job and we were thrilled with the results. That was 6 years ago and Gunner has been extremely active since.
You will most likely have to have him on a steroid to help with any inflammation and pain. Crate rest for quite some time. Massaging the legs and neck can certainly make him feel better. Ask your vet about range of motion movements to help keep his legs from losing muscle mass during recovery.
Acupuncture and aquatherapy is a huge help and I have seen some amazing recoveries using these techniques. They help relieve pain along with exercising the dog without stress to the back.
We wish him a rapid recovery and please look into physical therapy through a rehab vet, you will be happy you did.