pulling hair out of tail

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Harley- Papaya- Counson

Barked: Sun Apr 24, '05 8:30pm PST 
Harley has started pulling and yanking on his tail until he pulls hair out of it. Does anyone know why he does this?? He is a 10 month old Golden Ret.
Betty Jo

Do I know you? - Back away from- the mom!!
Barked: Mon Apr 25, '05 7:02am PST 
Betty did this last summer. It got very bad and she ended up chewing a hole into her tail. We had to rush her to the vet and she almost had to have her tail amputated. She also chewed the tip of her tail right off (while under supervision of the vet, but that is an ENTIRE different story.) She ended up having an allergic reaction to some bug in our back yard. She still tries to nibble at it now and then, so we have to keep a close eye on her. Now we spray Bactine on it if she even slightly opens her tail.
Please keep a close eye on your doggy. We didn't think she would ever cause so much damage to herself. We ended up paying for it financially and morally. (It was very hard to see my baby in pain.)
Lady Jasmine

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Barked: Mon Apr 25, '05 8:14am PST 
Our Jasmine has a tendency to bite at her legs and scratch at her ears. It got so bad a couple of months ago that she had sores in her ears. We felt so bad for her. We took her to see our vet and he said that she was suffering from allergies. He suggested giving her Benadryl (dosage is determined by weight of course). This really helped! Also, we switched her food to Canidae (www.canidae.com) This is an all natural food and is really good for allergies. This food has made a HUGE difference. It is so fresh and free from unhealthy additives. Hope this helps a little!


Fashion- my- Passion
Barked: Sat Apr 30, '05 3:40pm PST 
Your dog may be bored. Retrievers’ are high energy dogs, especially as a puppy. More toys and human play time may help. It could also be a medical condition, so he should go to a vet. If the vet doesn’t find anything wrong or medication doesn’t work try my suggestion. Also if he is alone for long hours anxiety and boredom may cause him to pull his hair out. Even a food or vitamin deficiency and cause it. I hope I helped you.