Neem oil and ear infections

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Hi All,

Has anyone ever heard of using Neem oil for a dog's ear infections? A friend recommended I drop 1 or 2 drops per day into my Husky's ears to clear up her chronic ear yeast infections. My vet had never heard of it (Neem oil is from India and is used there for many things). If anyone else has used it, I'd appreciate hearing from you!

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I've never heard of Neem oil - but you can use a vinegar solution for chronic yeast infections. Vinegar is acetic acid, which kills yeast. Do a 1 part white vinegar to 9 parts distilled water and put a few drops in the ear 2-3 times per day when there's an active infection. Of course, do this after you clean the ears with an ear cleaning solution. You can put a few drops in each ear once a week or every few days if a dog has chronic yeast infections. Always make sure you dry out your dog's ears after they've had a bath. I've known people to tie back cocker spaniels' ears with a stretchy fabric headband just to get better air exposure.

Chronic ear infections are very often the result of food allergies, so getting those under control will help. Also, there is usually bacteria with the yeast so if the vinegar doesn't help, your dog should see the vet for antibiotics.

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Neem oil is a miracle for ear infections in dogs and other sores/infections of the skin.RXTERNAL use only.
If the infection isnt to bad you can use every 2-3 days for a couple of weeks.

Have had a nasty ear and skin infection under the neck skin folds with my basset and it works great on both.

It hardens if cold. You can mix with olive oil to make an ounce last longer and to clean ears, kill mites.Its very cheap for what it does.

It smells terrible and stains so dnt get on nice fabrics.

It is also a non toxic pest killer ( fleas/mites). It dehydrates the flea and they die . Also a birth control for adult fleas.