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Hello! As you can see from my pics I am getting gray and my mommy wants to start taking preventive measures. She has been doing a lot of reading on magnetic therapy and was wondering if any other pups have tried it. What other options are out there?dog
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Havent heard of magnetic therapy. shrug

You can adjust feedings and ensure good excercise.

There are also supplememnts for joint health and such.

I think its also important to get a complete vet exam.

And btw you are sooooo cute!!!

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I have never heard of this. I would like to know a bit more about this.I do feel that any sort of pet related problems needs to be sorted with vet.

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I focus on general wellness for life, unless there is a specific issue you're seeing. Glucosamine and condroitin supplements are always good preventative care for seniors since you can only protect joints, not rebuild them.

There's no point - and sometimes it's even harmful - to treat conditions that don't exist. General things like massage and Ttouch, physical therapy (excellent info/online store) to keep good muscle tone... These are good for everyone. Seniors absolutely benefit, and I do them for my young dogs too. I have not heard of magnetic therapy specifically, but if it falls into that general wellness category and sessions are reasonable on your wallet, then go for it!

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Good nutrition is the best thing you can do for your dog.