Is it normal for dogs barking in their sleep?

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Digger ~In- Loving- Memory~

Australian pride- ;D [<3 Sunny]
Barked: Fri Mar 2, '07 12:14am PST 
I'm just wondering because last night..I heard a soft woofing from the living room. I got up because I knew Digger was inside because it had been lightning. So I went to the living room and found Digger fast asleep and softly woofing and barking. I think he was barking in his sleep like humans talk in their sleep.

Is this normal? or does this mean he is'nt feeling well or something? I'm just wondering. Are they having a night mare because I sometimes talk in my sleep when I'm having a night mare.

Digger's mum

I Might Be Small- But I Have It- All!
Barked: Fri Mar 2, '07 12:15am PST 
Pugsley does that ALL the time... We will be sitting there and he'll start woofing away and moving his feet!

I think dogs have dreams like we do... To answer you question, i'm pretty sure its normal!!


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Onyx :)

Comming to a- town near you!
Barked: Fri Mar 2, '07 12:33am PST 
Onyx woofs and wiggles his paws around while he's sleeping. He's even growled in his sleep!

I believe that it's pretty normal. way to go

♥ RIP- Copper- Beagleswor

My heart belongs- to Duke.
Barked: Fri Mar 2, '07 12:37am PST 
Copper does it all the time, which we find funny since she has only barked about four times in 9 years that I have had her when she is awake. I notice when she does her legs twitch a bit and I think she must be chasing a big ole cheeseburger with everything on it in her dream.
Bullet- R.I.P.

foster- failure... mom- caved
Barked: Fri Mar 2, '07 2:07am PST 
Sure is normal.... sometimes they will even suckle as if they are babies again with momma. They can growl , bark , whine, run, wag tail happily etc. I had one dog that would mimic eating in his sleep.

Boxer Gentleman
Barked: Fri Mar 2, '07 3:57am PST 
I sing sometimes..... There is no other way to word that niose.... Its kinda a howling gurgling singing sigh that last like 5 seconds each, with up to 6 in a row. BOL

I like wet, fowl- smelling things
Barked: Fri Mar 2, '07 4:28am PST 
Nick snorts, wiggles his paws, and makes a sort of whistling sound too. We think he's dreaming...
Mingus, CGC,- R3GL

Barked: Fri Mar 2, '07 7:48am PST 
Yep, totally normal! Mingus has never done a full bark in his sleep, but he growls, whimpers, and makes this funny "woop, woop" sound (which I think is his sleep version of barking!). He also twitches his face and paws while he's asleep.
Tavar (Al- Hara's- Tawari)

Queen of Her- Realm
Barked: Fri Mar 2, '07 8:02am PST 
Tavar and Zak make Hyena sounds and wake themselves up. laugh out loud

Then they look at you like your crazy and that it's not polite to stare. shrug

At this point I'd be worried if they DIDN'T make any noise....BOL!!
[Winnie]*[Mo- nster]

The- WinnieMonster!!!
Barked: Fri Mar 2, '07 8:09am PST 
Winnie does that in her sleep..just about everytime shes sleeping, she also is known to succle and RUN. she gets all four legs just a going and its a wonder that she doesnt get up - n -go BOL!! so, i think it is perfectly normal. i am positive that she is dreaming, in the same mannor that i do.
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