So You've Got a Litter of Puppies, Now What...........

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'It's all about- Me!'
Barked: Wed Feb 28, '07 8:18am PST 
Ok here we go, as a follow on to "So You're Going to Have Puppies..."

Everyone's here, Mother and puppies made it through delivery just fine. You are still sleep deprived.

Mom likes to take the pups and new Mom to the vet the day they are born (or next), get them checked over. Make sure everything's as it should be and the pups get a clean bill of health. Your basket comes in handy here. Mom also has dew claws taken off then. Her Siberian puppies are very robust and can handle having them off at that young an age, some breeds should wait a few days. Important, make sure to clean Mom's feet off after the vet before she gets back in with her puppies.

Ok, everyone has been vet checked, Mommy loves her puppies, now what?

Mom weighs them every day to make sure everyone is gaining properly. If a puppy needs extra help then she knows. She does daily weighing for 2 weeks, the every 2 days for a week then once a week.

Mom does everything she can to make sure the puppies have the proper upbringing to be well adjusted adults. From 3 days to 16 days old she uses the bio-sensor method:

At 2 weeks Mom starts worming, then also at 4,6 and 8 weeks.

Then the eyes start opening and they start walking. They are starting to get really cute now and hey lifes still good, Mommy is still cleaning them for you. Mom still changes blankets and cleans the whelping box once a day.

Mom usually start weaning puppies at 4 weeks. Soon after the pups start 'escaping' from the whelping box. Once that starts Mom moves it out and they stay in the ex-pen. Then that fateful day comes. The day Mommy decides she not cleaning poop anymore...........

4-5 times a day the blankets are changed out and newspaper consumption goes into overdrive. You will not have enough, you might think you do, but you don't. Puppies 'read' a lot;-) There will be a point you're forced into skulking behind a book store waiting for them to put out the old newspapers as trash. You will beg neighbors, co-workers. They become a precious commodity.

Once eyes and ears are open and they are getting about pretty good, they need stimulation. The puppies are kept in the house, in the middle of activity. Mom runs the vacum near them (even leaves it running by the ex-pen until they ignore it). They get to hear a CD of baby noises every day. Try to think of everything a dog might come in contact with in their life and expose them to it by 8 weeks. Funny hats, coats, boots, people of all ages and sizes. Open umbrellas towards them, pop balloons, drop cooking pans. By 7 weeks they should have been exposed to at least 7 different surfaces under their feet.

Thank goodness they get cuter the older they get. Mom's convinced it's to keep you from killing them;-) There will be the day you forget to take the trash bag of dirty papers out, or leave the paper towels too close to the ex-pen............

Oh a word on using an ex-pen, for small breeds not an issue, but for larger ones, one word TETHER. Lash it to something heavy that you don't mind getting chewed on. Puppies taking the ex-pen on a walking tour of destruction through the house....not good.....

Mom starts vaccinating at 8 weeks (then 12 and 16). You should research, talk to your vet and do what you feel comfortable with.

And remember there's nothing more affectionate than a puppy(s) covered in poop!


Silent Observer
Barked: Wed Feb 28, '07 8:35am PST 

Beautiful. Do any other breeders out there have anything to add?

Beavers and- Ducks!
Barked: Wed Feb 28, '07 9:00am PST 
awww, poopy puppies! So cute, so stinky, and all they want to do is jump on you


Where's my- Tiara?

Barked: Wed Feb 28, '07 9:12am PST 
All I have to add is....

Thank DOG I spayed and neutered! I hail to Kennitt's Mom for having the fortitude to deal with puppies. Dealing with one 8-week-old puppy was hard enough, but multiply that and subtract some age....geesh! Definitely not for My Mom!

And the mental image of puppies in a "portable" x-pen running through the house cracked me up. Though it wouldn't be so funny if my house were the one in the picture.

Proud to be a- kitchen wolf!!!
Barked: Wed Feb 28, '07 9:13am PST 
Awesome Kennitt! That's a good point about tethering the ex pen to something! It doesn't take pups long to start jumping on the sides of whatever's containing them (you DO NOT want young pups loose in any room of the house for their safety and your sanity), and scooting stuff around!

Could you also share with us what kind of questions do you ask potential new homes for your pups to make sure they're going into good situations? Do you have 100% of homes set up before you have a litter?

'It's all about- Me!'
Barked: Wed Feb 28, '07 9:26am PST 
Ya, there usually comes a time when a 'Great Escape' is made with each litter too. It's always BAD when the puppies come wake you up, and here that means they've made it upstairs and had many adventures along the way............

Here are the standard questions Mom asks all interested potential owners. It's a place to start and usually is a good weeding out process:

Some things to consider before purchasing a husky.

In what part of the country will you reside?

Do you own or rent your home?

House or apt? If renting, does the landlord allow pets over 35 lbs?

Fenced area? How large?

Who has primary care of the dog?

Where will the dog stay when no one is home?

Is the dog to be an inside or outside dog?

Who will take care of the dog when you are out of town?

Will you crate train your dog?

Do you plan to enroll in obedience classes?

Do you plan to do any canine sports with your dog?

Will you groom your dog or have it done by a groomer?

Do you work long hours or attend school?

Do you have much free time?

Do you travel or move frequently?

What pastimes does your family enjoy?

Have you had companion animals before? What happened to them?

Do you have cats or other small animals in your care?

Do small children live in or visit your home? What ages?

Is this your first Siberian Husky?

Do you know the negative aspects of the breed?

Do you understand the ongoing expenses involved in owning a dog?

Do you already have a veterinarian? If so, may we contact them?

Is everyone in the family in agreement with the purchase of a dog?

Do you agree to not breed the dog & to have him/her spay or neutered?

Will you keep us informed about the dog & your location?

Will you agree not to sell or give away the dog with our contacting us

Do you like eating, breathing & wearing dog hair?

Some of the questions may seem silly... You would not believe some of the answers I get...I'm always glad I bothered to ask.

Also Mom usually has a number of homes lined up before the litter is conceived, but she expects about an 80% drop out rate. People will get a dog somewhere else or just stop contacting her.

Lacey Luv

See me, Love me
Barked: Wed Feb 28, '07 9:26am PST 
We also use sensory stimulation for our puppies from day 2 on. We stimulate thier little paw pads and massage thier paws 2-3 times per day. We also hold them upside down then rightside up. There has been research into this type of stimulation helping neurological pathways develop, making smarter dogs. The sensory stimuation is vital for a well adjusted puppy, I love the idea of the baby crying on cd!!
We have homes for our next litters that are over a year away if all continues to go well. We have researched our prospectives and they have all been referred to us by people we know. We prefer to place with people who have experience with Spaniels, but the ones who don't we sit and educate about the unique needs of the breed, ie grooming, ear care, eye care and health concerns.
It is great to see others posting about breeding and caring for puppies!!! Kudos!

A DOG is for- LIFE.
Barked: Wed Feb 28, '07 4:07pm PST 
How about the PEEEEEEE!! They really do not care where they go or who they go on at this age. The person holding them, or each other. It can be soooooo much fun!?! dancing
Pancho- Lopez-In- Memoriam

i must break you
Barked: Thu Mar 1, '07 8:56am PST 
i'm not a breeder, but the first litter of pups i fostered was a huge learning curve! if it weren't for dogster, the internet, and daily annoying vet phone calls, i would most certainly have done everything wrong! i would add just a few things to this; 1: clip their toenails, brush their teeth, flip them over onto their backs so that bellies are showing. do everything a vet or groomer might do, and more, and start doing it young so they're not terrified or squirmy wormies when they are exposed to it in their new homes. 2: at some point, mama dog is going to want some alone time away from the little brats, i mean, little darlings, to stretch her legs and be herself. it starts around 3-4 weeks, and progresses into more time away/less time with pups as weaning naturally takes place. i unfortunately had an xpen donated that was too tall, and bella would literally injure herself trying to grapple over the sides of it to get out! we had to scramble to find a donation of a shorter xpen, and i put a crate in there with it so she could jump from the top of the crate to the floor outside of the pen more easily. 3: you will never believe this, but even two 3 lb pups can move an x pen an alarming amount! i've had beautiful shirts ruined because i thought 3 feet away from the pen was far enough away for the laundry basket to be, and a near brush with disaster when a plastic garment bag hanging on the closet door caught the eyes of the hooligans, and they decided this shiny choking hazard was a must have item!

all in all, the best advice i could say is, love them, take lots of pictures, enjoy them, and cherish them. because the day will come when they are no longer in your care, and it is soo hard to let them go! it is your absolute duty to make sure they go to the best possible homes, because those little lives are completely dependent on you for their future!

Leisure Dog- Extraordinare!
Barked: Thu Mar 1, '07 9:20am PST 
Oh Kennitt - you had me rolling, I was laughing so hard! laugh out loud I love the mental picture of sleeping peacefully in your bed, only to be awoken by several wiggly, happy puppies - and the mess they've left in their wake!! And the moving x-pen is pretty good, too! Great stories, and excellent information. Thanks!

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