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Dog has hives!

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How about giving- me a massage!
Barked: Sun Feb 11, '07 2:53pm PST 
Hello, my dog has had hives the past two days. The vet told me to give her 25mg of Benadryl every eight hours and he also gave her a shot of prednisone. Unfortunately, she is still getting hives. Does anybody know what could have caused these hives? Has anybody's dog had a similar problem? How long did it take to clear up?

Napoleon the- Great
Barked: Sun Feb 11, '07 3:01pm PST 
Maybe a flea or kibble allergy?

Napoleon the- Great
Barked: Sun Feb 11, '07 3:02pm PST 
That's the only things that have ever created an allergic reaction in any of my pets.


May I kiss you- on the lips?
Barked: Sun Feb 11, '07 3:39pm PST 
I have had spider bites that had done that.
The Benadryl helped me!

May I kiss you- on the lips?
Barked: Sun Feb 11, '07 3:41pm PST 
Mine stayed for a few days.
Hope I helped a little.

Save Lives! Spay- and Neuter!
Barked: Sun Feb 11, '07 5:43pm PST 
On of my Italian Greyhound fur siblings is prone to hives. The Benedryl (or generic) has always cleared them up. My guardian does give him an oatmeal bath to make sure that there is nothing on his skin that he is allergic to.
Hope they have cleared up!

Bullies Are- The Best!
Barked: Sun Feb 11, '07 8:22pm PST 
Yes! Finally something I know about!

Dulce used to have hives really bad.

They were caused by a number of things:

-Food Allergy
-Environmental Allergy
-Flea Allergy

I started with an elimination diet. I changed foods, stopped all treats/bones, and gave daily Benadryl.

Then I began to bathe her once a week, and apply flea medication every 2 weeks.

The very last time she got hives, I took her to the emergency Vet, and they gave her a Cortozone shot, and she hasn't had a hive since September. big grin

You should start by doing the elimination diet, bathing once a week, etc., and also get her allergy (serum) tested by a Vet, or Animal Dermatologist.

Keep us posted, GOOD LUCK! hugwishes
Mikhail (at- Rainbow- Bridge)

Have puddle,- will splash
Barked: Sun Feb 11, '07 11:42pm PST 
Dumb question, but it's gotta be asked.

What is hives and how would mom know if i have it? Neither mom nor dad has ever had hives and the vet never mentioned it before.

Barked: Mon Feb 12, '07 8:13am PST 
hives are big itchy bumps! Its awful! I have had an allergic reaction out of the blue twice now. Once in October and once in December/jan sometime. horrible. I got hives this last time. They had me on lots of benadryl, and Pred as well. And on total dog watch. In my case, best we can come up with is maybe a spider bite, because no food changes, no treat changes, no environmental changes, no fleas, and its randomly happened twice at 3:30 in the morning. But we have yet to find the offending spider. Mom asked me if i ate it or what, but I am not talking!

My vet keeps telling mom that I might need to go on Benadryl every day to keep some in my system in case it happens again cause I was having bad bad reaction to whatever it was. But mom is kinda worried about keeping chemicals in me all the time like that, for "in case" . I hope you have lots better lick getting rid of the itchies! Its not fun at all. i hope your lips don't swell up like mine did, cause thats the worst (or maybe its just worse for me cause we kinda have big lips! BOL)
Angel- Princess

Sweet Angel
Barked: Mon Feb 12, '07 8:16am PST 
Princess had hives all over her hind legs a few months back. The vet gave her an anti-inflamitory shot and put her on a steroid. The vet said the hives would go away pretty quickly but it took about a week for them to go away completely. We never could figure out what caused it.

Hives feel like lumps under the skin. they usually raise the skin up. You would notice the lumps if you touched the skin.
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