Urinating While Sleeping or Laying

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Barked: Sun Feb 4, '07 5:58am PST 
I Have a 1 1/2 yrs old spayed female doberman.
She seems to have a problem when she lays down and sleeps she will sometimes urinate while sleeping or laying. She never goes to the bathroom in the house and seems to be upset when she sees what happens. I've taken her to the vet and run blood test but everything came back negative. Has anyone ever had this problem? Could this have been caused from having her spayed? Otherwise "Great Dog" !

Barked: Sun Feb 4, '07 6:06am PST 
It sounds like she just doesn't feel the "urge" while she's lying down. There's no bladder or kidney infection, right? I'm sure the vet would have checked for them. The only thing I can think of is to make sure she only lies down inside a kennel with a wee-wee pad or get doggie diapers.

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Barked: Sun Feb 4, '07 6:24am PST 
Phoenix, my six year old Dobe does this very thing once in a very great while. Same story, great dog, never has accidents inside otherwise. With her, she seems to have only done this during a dream, when she is twitching her little face and wiggling her legs. Once she's done it, she jumps up and looks at the bed and then looks at me like she's just mortified! Poor Baby, I never fuss because she knows she wasn't supposed to.Because, it dosen't happen often at all, I just accredited it to her dream. I figured if it was a bad dream, maybe she was frightened in her sleep, or that she was so distracted by the dream that she didn't realize what she did. I just make sure to keep washable dog beds and blankies on the floor for her to sleep in, that way if it happens, I can grab up the bed and throw it in the washer right then. I have always mentioned it to my vet and he didn't seem to be concerned with it, he did say that if it became a regular occurance, like everyday or every other day, then we needed to run tests to check her kidney and bladder functions. Phoenix was a rescue and was in terrible shape when she came to me from the shelter, so, I guess if she was dreaming about her former home, I can't blame her for wetting the bed! I am sending you a PPR and be sure to let us know how it turns out with her, she is beautiful!!!!

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Barked: Sun Feb 4, '07 12:21pm PST 
That is me all over! I don't ever have an accident while I'm awake, but if I sleep deeply, I pee. Sometimes...

I take Proin twice a day, and it does help, but it is worse since I haven't been exercising.

I was spayed at 6 months of age. It didn't show up for another year, when I was a year and a 1/2.

I had a booty tuck, also, and that helped a lot. If you have a hooded vulva, it can cause the urine to pool in the vagina and when you sleep, it will dribble out...

If you don't have a hoodie, then you may need to be put on Proin.

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Barked: Sun Feb 4, '07 12:32pm PST 
Incontinence is typical in female dogs who have been spayed. This type of incontinence is due to not enough estrogen, since it is this hormone that controls the tone of the bladder sphincter. Kati started doing this about a year ago. She would pee in the bed when she was asleep and not even realize that she had done it. It was so bad that she did it every night The vet prescribed us an estrogen pill (a pretty pink one) that Kati takes once evey seven days. She has not had once single accident since then.

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Barked: Sun Feb 4, '07 8:05pm PST 
The exact same thing JUST happened to me. I went to the vet Monday and they found a urinary tract infection--bacteria, crystals, wonky pH. This presentation though (urinating while sleeping/relaxed laying down) is much more indicative of urinary incontinence, which is not uncommon in spayed females. You mentioned bloodwork but not a urinalysis...that's definitely the first step. And like a couple other posters have said there are meds which can control incontinence. Most vets prescribe phenylpropanolamine first, and then may try estrogen if that doesn't work, or both. And of course if it's a UTI antibiotics should clear it up. Cross your fingers that mine is ONLY a UTI and not incontinence as well!

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Barked: Sun Feb 4, '07 8:09pm PST 
I was about 3 years old when this started happening to mefrown I was very embarrased about it, and would try and leave so no one would notice it was me making the wet spots. I went to the doc and he said that it was likely low estrogen. My mommy put me on herbal pills called wild mexican yam. They are inexpensive, and have been very good for me. I used to also be depressed, and not at all energenic, now I have more energy, and only get sad when i get in trouble, or haven't gone for a walk.

When the doc diagnosed me, he just told me to try the pills, and if they didn't help to come back in and they would do testing. He felt it wasn't nessicary to test, and waste my mommy's well earned money, if it could be as simple as estrogen. He originally gave me the pink pills, too, but my mommy likes to try herbal things, she believe natural is a better way to go, and at $10 canadian for 100 days, she just couldn't say no. I am so happy she gives them to me, i feel so much better. It was very embarassing waking up to pee on my leg, and chaircry
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Barked: Mon Feb 5, '07 4:32am PST 
Rocky was doing this a lot. He came from an abusive home before, so I think it was from him having bad dreams at night. I started putting him in a big covered crate at night last month and he hasn't had any accidents. I think the crate makes him feel a lot more secure! He had all sorts of tests done first and there was nothing medically wrong with him. So, I tried the crate(for my own sanity of not having to wash sheets at 3 am), but it turns out he is a lot happier in there!
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Barked: Mon Feb 5, '07 10:58am PST 
Sounds like spay incontinance to me! It is because when we're spayed we loose a lot of hormone production so our bladder muscles can get kind of weak. Then when we're sleepy sometimes they open up and urine dribbles out.

Mom decided to use holistic approaches on me for my spay incontinance instead of messing around with drugs or hormones and it's worked wonderfully! I got acupuncture and some B vitamins injected into my spay scar and I stopped leaking all together! If it is spay incontinance, I'd reccomend trying these less invasive treatments before going to the drugs, I'm very pleased with the result!

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Barked: Mon Feb 5, '07 11:44am PST 
As an earlier post said, it is common in spayed females................and VERY common in spayed dobes. I am surprised that your vet did not talk to you about this when you had her in for tests.

There are a couple of different pills to help this problem. Proin is the one I hear most common...........Ask your vet for information, and if you are not satisfied with his suggestions, get a second opinion.............this problem can get worse.

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