Here is a new one!! Hair in stool.

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6ft tall and- bullet proof!
Barked: Sun Jan 28, '07 3:43pm PST 
Well this is new to me....Pearl would poop and start yipping and running...I took her to the vet and he thougth maybe anal glands. Well it cooled down for a few days and now started back up...I examined the stool and found it to be stool on the outside and all hair on the inside. I kept a sample to take to the vet tomorrow. She is getting it from playing with our Golden Retrvr and bitting playfully and getting a mouth full of hair. I have benn on double duty with sweeping, vacumning and swiftering...anyone heard of this?
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Barked: Sun Jan 28, '07 4:01pm PST 
i like to eat mummy's hair and boy does it cause problems! we just have to be extra clean!

Silent Observer
Barked: Sun Jan 28, '07 5:39pm PST 
Do a search in the Dogster forums for the word "Dingleberry". You'll find a really funny thread all about this. smile


pugzilla king of- the mountain
Barked: Sun Jan 28, '07 6:37pm PST 
Hey, it does hurt! I have a bad habit of eating the fuzz that I pull out of my squeeky toy and when I poop it out it doesn't want to go. Sometimes it will hang there and my mom has to pull it out and that really hurts. It looks like poop but it full of fuzz. My mom gets mad at me when she catches me eating the fuzz and now she won't buy my favorite toys anymore if they have stuffing in them. I can't help it but I know how bad it would be if the fuzz got stuck inside me and I would have to have surgery. I am trying to stop this habit and mom watches me all the time. DON'T eat fuzz or hair!
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Barked: Mon Jan 29, '07 8:46pm PST 
Dogs that shed and like their coats are subject to having hair in their stools as well. It's fairly common. I would say large clumps that you see are uncommon and indicate that your dog is eating hair balls around the house.
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Barked: Mon Jan 29, '07 8:49pm PST 
We had this problem too. Mom is very careful now because there is a chance the hair can get wrapped up in your intestines and be fatal.


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Barked: Mon Jan 29, '07 9:21pm PST 
My Mommy has long hair and sometimes I get one of those hairs. The poop is out but it is connected to the long piece of hair that is still in my butt! BOL! Mommy has to come to the rescue.
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Barked: Mon Jan 29, '07 9:30pm PST 
A whole thread about this topic

Is that snack- for me??
Barked: Tue Jan 30, '07 10:42am PST 
Lizzie and I both sometimes eat mom's hair. It never seems to be a problem until we go potty and we end up with danglers from mom's hair red face Nothing so humiliation for me to be trotting around with a trail of THAT! Thankfully mom always takes care of it for me.
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Barked: Tue Jan 30, '07 10:47am PST 

We get hairy Klingons on a regular basis! big laugh

Mickey will out and out freak about it! Sammy and Bernadette will squat/walk to me to help them remove the offending alien attack.shock

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