Beagle ear cleaning question

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Barked: Mon Jan 22, '07 6:04am PST 

I'm a little confused about what I need to do to clean out Tucker's ears. If anyone has any advice on what should be part of his routine care, I would greatly appreciate it.


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Our vet said to use rubbing alcohol but my mom prefers some stuff she got at the pet store to clean our ears. She puts a bit on a cotton ball and wipes our ears out being careful not to stick the cotton or her finger down INTO our ears. We dont' have it done very often though, mom checks us once a week and if we happen to be on her lap she'll flip our ears over to make sure they're ok.
If the ears are exceptionally icky or smelly keep in mind that can be a sign of allergies and/or an infection that you should have a vet look at but otherwise a good thorough wipe to get rid of any stuff should do the trick
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Woofles Tucker! My sister and I are prone to getting ear infections, a price we pay for droopy furry ears (mommy and daddy love them though). Well, our mommy has tried a few things: OTI Calm and Mometamax (both from the vet) when we definitely had ear infections and Zymox Otic from www.myitchydog.com (recommended by the groomer). She does OTI Calm once a week if our ears aren't smelly and Zymox once a month as maintenance. She just squirts a bit of OTI Calm or Zymox in our ears, lets us shake and then dries our our ears with a cotton ball. She may be doing this wrong but the bottles simply state to dry ear with absorbent material being careful not to push stuff into the ear canal... Hope this helps! GRRRRR (I'm a boy, just had to do it). ;-)

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Ma has to clean my ears (and my wrinkles wink at least every other day! She uses pet wipes (like baby wipes) and just wipes out inside the ear with her finger. Then, once a week, we use special cleaning solution we got from the vet.

Hope that helps a little!

My special- little guy
Barked: Mon Jan 22, '07 9:44am PST 
Thanks for the tips, y'all.

I don't think Tucker has an ear infection, but I also want to help prevent one. I remember our cocker spaniel that I had growing up had to have her ears cleaned out every now & then. I like the idea of the pet wipe, and I'll grab some of those next time I make it up to Target.

Tucker isn't scheduled to see the vet until August (annual checkup), but when I go to pick up his next Frontline Plus & Interceptor, I'll ask about what to use in his ears.

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hiya Tucker! We used the ear wipes you find at the pet store. Then my vet told us that the wipes you buy at the pet store are the same wipes you can buy at the human store. The "baby" wipes from the stores are a little cheaper. You just want to get a "mild" baby wipe.

Mama used it to clean our ears!
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Barked: Thu Jan 25, '07 7:55am PST 
Mom bought some ear wipes from Petsmart but she hasn't used them on me yet. My ears stay pretty clean but usually when we go to the vet he checks them but says "oh their very good and clean"!! So far I haven't had any problems with my ears, I think those wipes are made by Petkin, if I remember right. way to go

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I have a cleaning solution and a gel thing from the vet. I clean Penny's ears out every other day with cotton balls dipped in the solution. Sometimes when she scratches too much, I gently rub a little of that gel in to calm the irritation.