Nose color

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Barked: Tue Dec 12, '06 6:45am PST 
This may sound crazy - but we've had Diesel for 2 months and his nose has lost it's color. It has been getting paler and paler. Is this normal? When we got him it was brownish black, and now its very light. Should I worry?

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Barked: Tue Dec 12, '06 6:51am PST 
He may have parasites. Parasites can cause anemia which can cause nose discoloration, or lightening of the nose color. When you look in his mouth do his gums look pale? You can open Diesels mouth and press on the gums lightly with your finger, if the gums don't change to a lighter color when pressed on it may very well be anemia.

Barked: Tue Dec 12, '06 7:34am PST 
that is very normal for a lab, especiallly a yellow lab. I have found that it is very rare that a yellow lab keeps its dark nose. I wouldn't worry about it... happens to the best of us smile

some say it happens in the winter,
some say it is the type of dog dish you use.
but who knows smile

P.S it looks like you are about the right age when it starts to change.
I wouldn't count on it turning back to the darker color. don't wory
... you are very cute no matter what color your nose is!

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Jackie Poo,- NPC

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Barked: Tue Dec 12, '06 7:35am PST 
Possibly 'snow dog nose'.
Less sun this time of year and more inside-time means less pigment which means lighter noses.
Mine always lightens up in the winter. Then it's black again in the spring.

A Doggie Scholar
Barked: Tue Dec 12, '06 7:36am PST 
omd omd I posted about this almost exactly a year ago smile

apparently... our noses can "tan" in the summer time and then "fade" during winter. My nose was black-er during the summer.. now it's fading again smile

Some dog mentioned that if the fading really bothers you, you can try vitamin D supplement and it will slow the fading. I never tried it though.. smile
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Barked: Tue Dec 12, '06 7:37am PST 
What type of bowls do you use? Vet told mom years back that plastic bowls make the nose lose color. I only use glass or metal and have gotten my black nose back.
Vance CGC

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Barked: Tue Dec 12, '06 7:58am PST 
Could be bowls... Could also be chews like marrow bones. Anything that you put your nose in and rub against can remove the pigment. It generally will not come back, if this is the case. But that's usually limited to the top part of the nose, when I've seen it.

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Barked: Tue Dec 12, '06 8:03am PST 
BOL mommy was JUST reading about this in her book and she noticed the same thing about me!!
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Barked: Tue Dec 12, '06 8:40am PST 
My nose gets lighter when I'm cold....

Kody's nose lost the color when he got older, but it was just as kissable!

Barked: Tue Dec 12, '06 11:44am PST 
While snow, sun, chews, nutrition and bowls can cause a loss of pigment in your nose, it could also be genetic. Mom is a graduate student in animal genetics and coat color is one of her favorites.

A nose can be pigmented in 2 ways: black, brown. Seeing as you are a yellow lab, it is possible for you to have either a black nose or a brown nose, based on the colors of your parents. If either of your parents were chocolate or you had chocolate siblings in your litter, it is possible that you have a naturally brown nose. Brown is what is known as a recessive condition, where you need to inherit the brown gene from both of your parents. If you only got it fron one of your parents, then you would have a black nose, but still be "carrying" brown so you could pass it on to your offspring. If you have always had a brown-ish nose, then the fact that it is getting lighter brown with age is normal. If you started life as a black-nosed pup, then a brown nose in adulthood would be due to some of the other options stated in previous posts.
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