Dog won't eat or drink. Help.

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Shaker- (02/06/95 to- 12/03/06)

Don't You Wake- Me Up!
Barked: Sun Dec 3, '06 7:25am PST 
She's lost weight, will not eat, not even her favorite things and the only time she's drinking water is when I force her to. She's not wimpering or anything but does nothing but lay around and appears to be unsteady when she attempts to walk. She's an older dog but has always been in good health. It's Sunday so the vet is closed and I'm really worried about her. She's throwing up a clear yellowish fluid from time to time and looks really sleepy. I have no idea what to do. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Barked: Sun Dec 3, '06 7:31am PST 
Is there an emergency vet near where you live?? If there is, you should bring her there or at least call them and ask. I don't have any suggestions as I am not experienced with this but good luck!!!

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Save a- Life:- Adopt!

Barked: Sun Dec 3, '06 7:33am PST 
How long has this been going on? Is there no emergency clinic in your area? A vet that would see her on his day off? It sounds pretty serious to me and I'd say the best possible thing you could do for her would be to get her to a vet. Sorry I have no other advice than that. I really don't know of anything else you could do to help her. I hope she starts feeling better soon!


Miss Tiny H iny
Barked: Sun Dec 3, '06 7:39am PST 
Hi Miss Shaker.......do you guys have an emergency vet clinic in
your area ???? Sounds like time for a trip, for sure..... Not eating AND not drinking AND just laying around do not sound good. IF
money (especially since it is Sunday...emergency rates,etc) is an
issue, will they let you make payments......Can you call your regular
vet and will he call back on a Sunday to talk to you.....would you
be able to do this with him, even on a Sunday??? Sounds like it
has been going on for a time...if vet, be it emergency clinic or
regular are NOT possible today......just make sure she gets plenty
of fluids....whether she likes it or not......you don't want her to get
dehydrated......and hopefully she will hang in there til Monday a.m. ..............but if there is ANY way possible for someone to see her today and will take the 'payment' option.....sounds like she really needs to head out the door..........We will keep our paws
crossed and keep us posted OK ??????

Rescue a senior- citizen!
Barked: Sun Dec 3, '06 7:42am PST 
I agree with everyone here. This calls for a trip to the emergency vet! It sounds like she's getting very dehydrated and lethargic and is past what can be treated at home.

Hi Angel!

Born to fly
Barked: Sun Dec 3, '06 8:05am PST 
Poor baby!! I would definitely take her to the emergency vet ASAP. I know some large vet offices are open on the weekend so perhaps you could do some internet research to determine whether any in your area are open on Sundays and you could therefore avoid the emergency vet charges. It really does sound like she needs to get checked out. She is just a wee one to start with so you don't want her to lose too much weight or get too dehydrated.

Good luck! Our paws are crossed for you!!

Fancy- 5/1994-8/29/- 2009

mrs. cushing
Barked: Sun Dec 3, '06 8:14am PST 
can you take her temp? it sounds like she may have a fever. normal should be around 10o - 102.5
the vomit is bile she has not eaten so what she is throwing up is the digestive fluid in her tummy. there a many reasons she many be like this, infection , kidney failure, live failure, cushing;s syndrome , dog may be upset etc.
if she vomits to much she will need fluids from the vet if she get dehydrated.
how do her gums look pink and healthy? whiteish? blue?
try to find an open vet , most vets will have an emergency number on there machine when they are closed.
if she gets to dehydrate from thowing up she can die.
Cherokee- Forever- Loved Cherry

Our Precious- Angel Cherry
Barked: Sun Dec 3, '06 8:35am PST 
We agree a call to the vet is needed. Does the vet have an answering service? Try a different vet if yours can't be reached.

Ethics Matter!
Barked: Sun Dec 3, '06 8:45am PST 
Get out your phone book. Call every veterinary clinic number in the tri-county area. One of them is bound to have contact information for emergency situations. Most vets that do emergency work will see you even if you are not a regular client. You will pay a higher fee, but it sounds like it's worth it in this case. Do you have the ability to give this dog sub-Q fluids? Try mixing canned cat food with water. Can you get canned Science Diet A/D at the store? I can't remember if this is strictly veterinary prescription or not... If you can buy it at a local pet store, do it.
Shaker- (02/06/95 to- 12/03/06)

Don't You Wake- Me Up!
Barked: Sun Dec 3, '06 8:50am PST 
I live out in the middle of nowhere and there is no emergency vet. She'll see hers first thing in the morning. I just noticed when she went outside that there was blood in her stool. She did drink a little water but will not eat anything, even grass, so I figure it's not just an upset stomach. She's older so naturally I'm scared to death. I've called every vet office I could and so far have not found one that has a 24 hour emergency number. She doesn't have a fever but now I'm fearing Parvo.
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