Free Poison Control Phone Number

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Barked: Sat Dec 2, '06 10:26am PST 
Rosie and Isabel posted this a while back, but I wanted to repost for those who may have missed it. Its run by Kansas State University:

The number:

This is a totally free, 24 hour phone number.
I also wanted to thank Rosie and Isabel for telling me about it because I actually had to call it last night. Brody ate a couple of pieces of onions, and given his size, I was worried that the amount would be toxic.

The people were friendly, and calm, which is good because I wasn't calm. A receptionist answered, and then connected me to a toxicologist. They told me that Brody didn't eat enough to be toxic. Whew. He also told me what symptoms to look for, in case Brody ate more than what I suspected. And he said that if I noticed those symptoms to take him to the vet.

The roads were covered in ice last night, so I was glad that I could talk to a veterinarian/toxicologist. What a relief. Plus, its FREE.

Please, if your dog gets into a potentially toxic substance, don't hesitate to call this hotline.
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Barked: Sun Dec 3, '06 9:59am PST 
Awesome. Thanks for sharing!! smile
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Barked: Sun Dec 3, '06 11:46am PST 
Thanks for sharing Brody I'm going to program it into my cell phone right away!


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Barked: Mon Dec 4, '06 7:32am PST 
Thanks for Re-posting this information! I had missed the origional post!

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Barked: Mon Dec 4, '06 7:54am PST 
Thanks Brody! Mom was just trying to find that number for our "emergency numbers"
list 'cause we have a doggie sitter this weekend.

Now we don't have to search forever to find it!

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Barked: Mon Dec 4, '06 8:08am PST 
"The people were friendly, and calm, which is good because I wasn't calm."

I know I can't remember where my head is when I'm panicking. Thanks for the numbers. I'll keep them handy.