Is inguinal hernia serious?

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Newbie to the forum. Hi~!

Is inguinal hernia as common as the umbilical? Is it serious?

I've read many posts about the umbilical hernia and that it's not a big deal, but there seems to be no posts about inguinal hernia.

I have a 6 wk old puppy (picking up from breeder at 10 wks) and my breeder just informed me today that she developed inguinal hernia. She has a pretty "bump" on her stomach.. (check one of her pictures from the profile)

I'm wondering if the inguinal hernia is rare (opposed to the umbilical) and perhaps more serious...

Any input/knowledge is appreciated. Thanks!

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Lucy had two iguinal hernia when she was a baby (more of a baby.) Inguinal is a fancy word for Groin, so basically, it's a hernia in the lower part of the dog's belly (groin area). The doctor was going to fix it when I got Lucy spayed, but she had outgrown it by then. So there is a chance that Ruby will simply out grow it (the Doc said that was quite common) or if you're planning on getting her spayed they can fix it then.

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We had a little male chi foster dog with one and the vet fixed it while he was getting neutered.
You can do a google search on it and read alot on them I'm sure.
But luckily with our guy it was no big deal.
They do look horrible though.

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I think it depends more on the individual hernia. I know a dog who had a serious umbilical hernia. It just got so big that there was a risk his intestines would twist up inside it.

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Thanks for your response. The breeder has set an appt to see the vet this Thursday to find out more. Most people say it's not a big deal, but I can't help worrying about this. I guess the visit to the vet will give us some info. I hope it is nothing bad...
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Ruby... you are a cutie!

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Ruby..what a sweetie you are. As others have said, most can be repaired at spaying or neutering. Glad you are going to the vet, he will give you all the info you need. Let us know what he recommends, ok?

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my brother hudson had an umbilical hernia from birth which was fixed when he was neutered. i had an bi-lateral hernia which i think was inguinal & the vet was going to fix it when i went for my neuter but it corrected it self. i think you'll be ok but if you're family is concerned they to speak to vet...good luck : )

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Thanks everyone for the info! Woof woof!!
(Starting to get a hang of speaking "Ruby")