Free Animal Poison Control Center!!!

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Our pal Pretty Boy Floyd sent this info to us. Here's what he said.

Kansas State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital is offering a FREE 24 hours poison control hotline for pet owners and veterinarians.(785)532-5679 is the number and the service has been available since 1969. Dr Oehme, a vet and professor in toxicology and pathology oversees the hotline. Dr Oehme offers these suggestions:

Be patient. The person answering the phone may have to take a few minutes to consult the vet on duty.

Call as soon as possible. Immediate attention might save your animal. But waiting to see if there is a reaction could cost your animal their life.

Have any product labels available for answers. The vet might need to know milligrams and generic names.

Know your pet. Drooling could only mean he is thrilled to see you!

Know that the toxicologists are also taking calls from vets about other animals and other problems, including those problems with large animals.

Permission to cross post!

Everyone should have this number posted on their fridge or somewhere prominant.

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Thanks a bunch I just stored it in my cell phone!

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Thanks Madam President! I too stored it in my cell phone... great number to have on hand all the time. Mom caught me running in the yard with a bottle of bug spray a few months back and she went into a panic. And... the local animal emergency center is hesitant to give advice over the phone. Thanks again!

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Ooh that's a great idea!
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That is so wonderful. We had to pay $35 for someone to tell me two different storys and never gave me an answer.