How much Benadryl?

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Luna CGC

Yes, I\'m a- yellow belly. - And?
Barked: Mon Jul 10, '06 7:07am PST 
Hi All,

I have allergies that sometimes causes a rash on my tummy. Several people, including my Vet, told my Mom to give me Benedryl. Her question is, how much should she give me?

Shortogus- Maximus
Barked: Mon Jul 10, '06 7:09am PST 
Since you're the size of about an 8-9 yr old kid,I would consider just 1 pill.I'm sure 2 wouldn't hurt,but 1 should do it.Good luck!I hope this works.
Lady Jasmine

Born to Play!!
Barked: Mon Jul 10, '06 7:32am PST 
I take one pill and it works out great! I take one in the morning and one in the evening.


Barked: Mon Jul 10, '06 7:38am PST 
Please ask your vet how much medication to give. You can usually just call in and ask. I wouldn't get dosage advice from people on the internet when it comes to medication.

Beautiful- Bassador!
Barked: Mon Jul 10, '06 9:44am PST 
The vet told me to take two if it got really bad(I get a lot of itches in the summer since I am low to the ground and get bites on my belly AND I'm allergic to grass) But my mommy usually gives me one and I fall asleep. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

Too smart for my- own good!

Barked: Mon Jul 10, '06 9:54am PST 
Call your vet to make sure but... Riley gets 2 pills 3 times a day (morning, afternoon, right before bed) when her allergies get bad. Dosage is based on weight however and she weighs 76lbs. It's funny because you can tell when they start to wear off and the itching begins again. Last year was so bad that she needed a shot from the vet.

Good Luck!
Samuel Jacob- (4/1/97-4/4/- 08)

We had seasons- in the sun......

Barked: Mon Jul 10, '06 10:11am PST 
Hi, Luna!

I'm 55 pounds, and I get one full caplet. My little minions (what I call Mickey and Bernadette) get 1/2.

If I were you, I'd try 1/2 at first, and if that doesn't seem to help, take another half.

You can always add more, but if you take too much, it is difficult at best to remove it... if you know what I mean.

Hope you feel better soon!

Barked: Mon Jul 10, '06 5:02pm PST 
I am wondering the same thing. I give kyro the liquid... but have no idea how much. I took him the the holistic vet... and she has me supplemening other things too
Lil Reggie

Lot a dog, in a- small package!!
Barked: Mon Jul 10, '06 5:41pm PST 
I would ask your vet but ours said the standard if the dog is in good health is 1 mg per pound. our folks would normally give us a bit less so we didn't get knocked out smile
Mingus, CGC,- R3GL

Barked: Mon Jul 10, '06 5:44pm PST 
Luna -- definitely call your vet to get the appropriate dosage.
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