Please HELP! Shady ate a band-aid and she's been acting strangely since.

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I had a band-aid on a wound and unknowingly... it fell off. I looked for it but I couldn't find it. I've caught Shady with a bandaid before in her mouth, so I went to look for her. She was lying in her bed, licking her lips.
I feel so stupid... I should have tried to make her throw it up, but I didn't.
A couple of hours later, she was trembling and acting timid. I held her for a while, and I phoned my friend who's a nurse and she told me not to worry about it. Shady would just pass it.
Well, that was hours ago and nothing has changed. She's still trembling and she pants once in a while. She's not drinking much and her stomach is making odd sounds. I don't know if that's a good sign or not. Shady has pretty much just hidden most of the day. I tried making her rest on a flax seed bad, but that didn't help.
I did try my vet, but there was no answer. He's closed for the weekend. I don't know what to do. Shady is so little. The bandaid was the clear kind and all the package says is that it's 100% Latex-free.
Any advice would be most welcome!!!
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What if you bring Shady to another vet?
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Are you sure she ate it? Maybe she just isn't feeling well. If your really sure she ate it and her actions are due to eating it... take her to emerg vet if you have one. I have never heard that eating one bandaid will do any damage ( like I said I NEVER HEARD ) If you have an emerg vet clinic in your area or close by, call them and ask. They will tell you if there is concern. Hopefully it will pass through if she did. Good Luck

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Shady, band aids are soft, so you are mostly safe from puncturing a bowel, I once ate a bunch of wood (kitchen cabinets) and got my intestines all blocked up, I acted the same way you did, lying on the floor trembling, mommy knew something was wrong, but not what, she took me to the emergency vet and I got x-rayed, they could see something there, but not what it was. The vet said that my vitals were stable, and I was not vomiting, so she suggested I wait for my regular vet to open and then go there. I did, she examined me and said it did not feel like a hard or sharp object and I was still not vomiting, so to wait and see if it passes. about 4 or 5 hours later it did, looked just like a cork the way the wood bits fused together in me! ... also my bro Jelly Bean, he eats parts of stuffed toys all the time, the largest he has pushed thru (sorry for the grossness!) was a nose that was the size of a grape!!!
If you start throwing up call your local emergency vet! Also watch to see if you are interested in eating or drinking (but don't eat too much!)
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Hey, Shady!

Says you are a drama queen under your name, could that be it?

Most of the time, when a dog shivers, they have a tummy ache.

I have heard you can give dogs canned pumpkin (NOT PIE FILLLING) to help them pass things.

Try ice cubes or even some milk? May make things move...

Hope you feel better soon! And STOP scaring your Mommy!
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I'm about 99.9% positive it's not the bandaid.
If you're still trembling and whatnot, get to the vet.
Is your tummy hard?

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Barked: Sun Jul 2, '06 12:22pm PST 
Hi everyone,
Sorry for getting back to you so late. I was up all night with the little girl.... just waiting for something to happen. If she would have cried or whimpered, I would have tried another vet, but she wasn't doing that... just trembling.
Well, we finally slept and this morning, Shady is acting fine! She must have pooped it out. I was hoping she'd go on the peepee pad, but someone must have let her go outside to do her "business".
Shady is back to her old self, though, so it's all good. I guess she must have had a sore tummy and that's why she was trembling so much. I was just worried that it was stuck somewhere. It was a small bandaid and I'm pretty sure that is what she ate. Shady is the type of dog that loves to eat underwear and blankets and lick people's skin. I've already caught her with a bandaid before and since my bandaid is nowhere to be found and she was swallowing something and licking her lips.... well... it seems to me that she must have eaten it.
I am so relieved that everything is ok now.
Thanks again for all your help.
Take care, Brig

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Shady -

Mom keeps peroxide around, just in case I eat stuff I shouldn't. Our vet has suggested it before - a little spoonfull and in about 5 minutes, EVERYTHING is coming back up. I'd check with a vet before trying this - if something ever happens in the future - but it does work and it has never harmed our dogs.

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Thanks so much for the tip. We'll keep it in mind.
Please take care!