"Gurgling" Sounds in the Tummy

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Hank the- Handsome- Hound

not just another- pretty face
Barked: Sun Jun 25, '06 3:42pm PST 
Hank's tummy is making some really loud gurgling type noises. Loud enough for me to hear them even if he's not in my lap or sitting in front of me. They remind me of the kind of noises my tummy makes when it's in 'distress'.

He doesn't have diarehea but his stools were a little soft last night. He hasn't eaten at all today and turned down a treat, too. He acts like he wants to play at times, then he's sorta lethargic. He doesn't want to go outside (although it is hazy, hot & humid here today so I can't really blame him). He's been really 'clingy' today except for when I had the vacuum on (he doesn't like it) and sometimes makes this whining noise like he's hurt.

Any ideas? Would this be a time to try to get him to eat a little pumpkin?
Mingus, CGC,- R3GL

Barked: Sun Jun 25, '06 9:27pm PST 
How's Hank doing? Sounds like a visit or call to the vet might be a good idea.
Is it possible he ingested something that's either upsetting his tummy or causing a partial or full blockage?

Shortogus- Maximus
Barked: Sun Jun 25, '06 9:33pm PST 
Well,a vet visit may be good,but Shortdog has them too,but he's been to the vet since then,and there's nothing wrong.My guess is,it's completely normal.

Magnolia,- J.B.O-p.D.M

Stir The Pot to- Prevent- Sticking!
Barked: Mon Jun 26, '06 2:16pm PST 
I think the best thing for an upset tummy is to fast your dog.
Don't feed him dinner and see how he's sounding in the morning. Hungry growling sounds different from upset growling.
If he seems to be fine, start of mild, with some chicken and rice, or boiled hamburger and rice. In really small portions about every 2 hours. and see how he does.
If the gurgling continues, and you're worried, by all means get Hank to the vet.
good luck!
Hank the- Handsome- Hound

not just another- pretty face
Barked: Mon Jun 26, '06 7:17pm PST 
I think Hank was on a self-imposed fast yesterday because he didn't eat all day. He even turned down a treat which is very un-Hank like. I got him to eat a bit of pumpkin this morning and he seemed to like it. Tonight he seems to feel better and ate a little bit of his dinner. He's fussing because he wants to go for a walk but we've been dodging raindrops all day (not as bad as Wash DC but close enough). He's also chomping at the bit to go chase the bunny he sees in our yard.

He seems to do this every weekend after we come back from obedience. He's not thrilled about riding in the car but I thought he was getting better. I wonder if this is related to him getting stressed out over riding in the car? I know *MY* tummy acts up when I'm stressed over certain things. Can dogs have the same problem?

Hank's Mama
Daisy- ♥

How can you say- no to this face?
Barked: Mon Jun 26, '06 7:50pm PST 
I don't know about pumpkin but when Daisy was making audible gurgling sounds, the vet said she definitely had "something" going on in there and put her one some antibiotics and bland food for a few days. Boiled chicken and white rice are good if you don't want to give them the Science Diet ID or if they don't like it. Good luck!
♥ LillyAnna ♥

Barked: Mon Jun 26, '06 9:40pm PST 
fun fact.........stomach growling is called "borborigimous". Hehehe, just a fun science fact.
Hank, I hope it works out for you!
feel better buddy!!

Queen of my- castle.
Barked: Mon Jun 26, '06 10:49pm PST 
Dreamy has always had this problem since she was a puppy. She'll be laying under the bed at night and I'll hear her belly growling and grumbling. She usually fasts for a day or so (though she won't turn down a treat smile then goes back to her normal rutine. She never really acts different and it only happens about once every couple months. I used to think she was starving herself and would make her all kinds of food (she loved that) but now I know it's nothing to worry about. Hopefully you have nothing to worry about either smile

Barked: Tue Jun 27, '06 8:53am PST 
Glad I found this topic.

Our pup, Brady, an 18 week old Aussie, woke up this morning with gurgling sounds in his stomach. He is drinking water but not eating and seems "normal" in every other way.
Mesha Marie

I'll do anything- if you'll play- Frisbee
Barked: Tue Jun 27, '06 11:18am PST 
My dogs get them once in a while as well. More often it's Mesha. If I hear that in the middle of the night, 99.9% of the time she will not be eating in the morning. There are a lot of things that can contribute to stomach noises (indigestion) , something they ate in the back yard (like poop or grass), the application of meds (even flea, tick, heartworm), a simple change in the home environment, for some dogs it's a thunderstorm that rolls through, and the most serious could be some sort of blockage and/or the dog being genuinely sick. . Fact is the noises we hear aren't really coming from the stomach, rather they are coming from the fluids passing through bends and folds of the intestines, much like after we eat a meal and say we 'hear our stomach'. It's the last two examples I listed that worries us vets. Your dog will know when it wants to eat, so don't force it. I would say if it goes on longer than a day and your dog still doesn't want to eat after 24 hours or a couple feedings, that's when it's time to bring em in as it could be something a bit more serious that we'd need to treat. More often then not, the dog will get over it on it's own within 24 hours. It's during a point like this that you should watch your dog a little more carefully. Watch them as he/she goes outside and observe the movement so you have something you can tell the vet. Not to be gross, but if you can get a fecal sample (ziploc baggie turned inside out, pick it up the dooty, turn it right side out and SEAL the bag) and bring it in, that goes a long way. It could tell us if there is a protozoal/bacterial/parasite cause. If you are convinced your dog must eat, cook a bland diet. 1:1 ratio of rice and cooked lean ground beef that has been rinsed (object is to get as much fat off as possible...i.e. grease) and in no larger quantity that what they would normally eat for each meal. If they turn their nose up at it, fine. Refrigerate and try again at the next feeding. Hope this helps.

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