Benadryl - side effects?

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Barked: Mon Apr 24, '06 9:07am PST 
I've got allergies (pollen and stuff like that) and my vet said I need to take Benadryl. I was wondering if anywoof had any adverse effects taking this. I've noticed a couple of things:

1. It makes me soooooooo sleepy and dopey

2. I seem to be extremely hungry and pig out some days (that could be because one day I eat a lot and one day I eat just a little)

3. I've had some loose poopies (main concern)

We did call the vet's office and talk to them about the poopies. I don't think they are from the pigging out. I've not had a poopie problem with the food and treats before. We are doing a smaller dose of the Benadryl (children's - liquid).

For the poopies, he suggested plain non-fat unsweetened yogurt. I've been doing that but some days I just don't want to eat it. It does help a bit with that. I wonder if the Great Poopie Equalizer [pumpkin] would work better.

I thought I'd run this by you Dogsters before we call or go in to the vet again. Mom doesn't think I'm in any serious health danger.

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Well, the vet said I could take it for my itchies. It makes me really sleepy. I only get one though, not two. I don't have a problem with loose stools. Although, since you are so small, maybe get the tablets and break it in half to start and if it doesn't work take one. I don't think you are at any MAJOR risk. IF you notice anything strange though call your vet ASAP! Also, yogurt usually helps my loose poopies too.

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I've not taken Benadryl, but Hydroxizine.
Mild sedation is one side effect, but not the others you listed.
You might want to try adding some fish oil to your diet, as it enhances the effects of the antihistamine thereby allowing you to lower the dosage.
It may also, however, make your poops a bit runny until you get used to it.
Hope this helps!
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Oh...I guess I should have said we're doing 1/2 a teaspoon 1-2 times a day as opposed to the full teaspoon the vet said to have twice a day. This has helped the poopies a little bit and the sleepiness a whole lot. It's working for the sneezing and runny eyes still at the lower dose.

He said we could use "half a tablet". Mom will check and see if she can find some in the right dosage. Maybe the stress of having that liquid squirted in my cheek pouch is causing some of the poopie problems too. Or just that it's the liquid. I never had a problem with the liquid when I was a baby puppy. But then again, I didn't have to take it all the time either.

Where do you find the fish oil? Mom might look into that. She's heard it will also help with itchies.

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Aw. Sweet dreams baby!
Mom likes Spectrum's fish oil. It's certified free of Mercury and other nasties. You can find it at natural food stores like Wild Oats and Whole Foods (not sure where you are...) or you could google and find it in an area near you. big grin
Also, and I can't believe I didn't mention this...
Have mum wipe you down with a wet cloth at least twice daily. It'll get the allergens off your coat. Oh, and tell her to vacuum like a banshee. (That means vacuum WILDLY!!! BOL)
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Smoke I get to *poke* you advice for once!!! BOL!

I take Benadryl as a pre med when I am getting a shot (cause I have had reactions hives and swelling to the Lyme vacc and the Lepto vacc) I forget the dosage I think it was 12ml per lb (I'll check when Mommy gets home from work) I only took one or two doses in a day, not long term like you, the only side affect I got was the sleepy's with the first dose, If I take a second one later the same day I wig out, like I am on something stronger, dialated pupils, jumpy, barking at my reflection..(mommy thought it was hilarious) - I have hears that some humans also have that side affect, so I wasn't too worried!

*edited to add*
Also she mixes the liquid with a little wet food or Kong paste, it makes it go down nice and easy, no forcing at all!

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You should be able to get fish oil at any health food store. A popular one for dogs is Grizzly's Salmon Oil. You might check out their website.

I've only had to take Children's Benadryl once (knock on wood) and my mom also ended up giving me half of the vet's recommended dose. She recommended 1/4 teaspoon, but I only took 1/8th. It made me sooooooooooooo sleepy too, but we didn't have any other side effects. I had to take it for a wasp sting though.

I have allergies in my eyes, but my mom doesn't think its bad enough to give me benadryl, even though I do look miserable at times. If you get lots of baths, you might try using an oatmeal shampoo. Its supposed to be soothing to the skin, and that might help your itchies too. I use oatmeal shampoo and love it. But make sure its a good quality one because a lot of them that you get at the grocery store are mostly chemicals and a small amount of oatmeal. We used a Petsmart brand for a while, and it didn't work half as good as the new kind we got from a boutique-type store.
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Thanks everywoof!

Mom got a new vacuum about a month ago. It has 3 different filters on it. One is a Hepa filter. You should see the dirt that thing gets! And since it's new, she's been vacuuming all the time now. I think it's so strong it pulls the dirt up from beneath the concrete foundation at this point. She's vacuuming all the yarn off the carpet! *eyeroll*

She has been wiping my face and neck off a lot. Probably trying to keep the eye gunk down and I've been out sniffing around in the grass. I keep getting grass and dirt stuck on my nose. *wooofps*

She did give me a bath the other day but I hadn't had one in at least 7 weeks. She'll check my shampoo and conditioner to make sure they have lots of oatmeal. One was from a Boutiquey store on-line and the other she bought at Canine Comissary (they have all the premium dog foods and stuff like that).

Will check out Whole Foods for the fish oil. There's one over in Plano. Ooohhh....that's gonna use some gas! *snicker*

Smoke, sneezing along with Mom