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dog food from walmart (only for those who buy there)

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Barked: Mon Apr 17, '06 6:47am PST 
I know some of you are totally against it, but we cannot afford 30.00/bag, so I need to know the best stuff there is at walmart.

anyone ? smile thanks in advance!

My new name: - SUPER GLUE
Barked: Mon Apr 17, '06 6:54am PST 
Copper--Sara Here:

WalMart has Purina One and IAMS.

I might have made a big mistake here, Copper. IAMS is not a popular name to a lot of Doggies.

There are a lot of people who do not buy at WalMart for a lot of different reasons.

Personally, I do. One of my favorite stores.

The best things- come in little- packages
Barked: Mon Apr 17, '06 7:06am PST 
I think Walmart also has Purina One, which is supposed to be a good food you can find at the Wal.

If you are really curious - go to your local Walmart and write down all the brands you see. Then go home, and look up all of their websites and find their ingredients and compare. This is what I did when I was trying to find a food. A good website that gives a breakdown of ingredients to try to avoid is The Dog Food Project We looked up all the ingredients on the different foods and then picked the one with the least amount of ingredients to avoid in it.

It sounds like a lot of work, but my mom was kind of obsessive about it.

Edit: oh - Sara said Purina One also. Sorry Sara! Well, I agree with Sarah - Iams or Purina One. Not sure what else they have there though.

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Barked: Mon Apr 17, '06 7:09am PST 
There are two brands I recommend from Walmart (as well as my vet who SPECIFICALLY mentioned these brands for my dog who has chronic skin problems).

Purina Beneful

My vet basically said to switch my dogs over to any Purina brand dog food. We found the above the best, with Beneful being even better than Purina One (at least for Daisy's skin).

I have 5 dogs and know exactly what you mean about not being able to afford the expensive stuff. Beneful runs about $12 at Walmart, and Purina One is about $16 at Walmart.

Hope that helps! Daisy's mommy (I should post Daisy's before and after pictures of her's pretty amazing -- I will try and do that later today on Daisy's Personal Page)

Food is meant to- be shared with- me.
Barked: Mon Apr 17, '06 7:26am PST 
Walmart also carries a food that is called Maxximum and doesn't have any by products or and very little corn. I would much rather feed this than Beneful which is basically alll corn and by products. Maxximum food is along the same lines as ONE or Iams but without the by products.
Mollie Jo- CGC

Barked: Mon Apr 17, '06 7:26am PST 
Hey cooper We just went through a tough dog food decision....if i were you i would stay with purina.....Mollie and Bo love anything purina.

-Note from Mollie Beef is the best.

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Barked: Mon Apr 17, '06 7:55am PST 

in this link
Seems like it has just as much by-products and ground corn??? Not trying to argue, just thought maybe you hadn't noticed???

thanks for the responses everyone! I think I'm gonna look for purina one today!

Doggie Mafia
Barked: Mon Apr 17, '06 7:56am PST 
I use Maximum Nutrition also. It's the walmart brand and compares well to Purina One. All 3 of my dogs do great on it. I've tried all the expensive pet store foods and this one has worked best for my dogs. Happy hasn't had any allergy itchies since we started this food a few years ago. I'm a big fan of it.

*hides under bed in fear of backlash* :p

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Barked: Mon Apr 17, '06 8:46am PST 
The best food at Walmart I'm told is Maxium

please adopt a- shelter pet
Barked: Mon Apr 17, '06 9:04am PST 
okay, well whichever is cheaper! smile If dogs are doing well on it, then hey! I guess for a puppy I'd get the (I think it's called) "maximum growth?"
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