My Ears Stink

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Barked: Wed Apr 12, '06 2:55pm PST 
This is Maya's Daddy.

Her ears stink...and its horrible...is there anything you can do to clean them out or make them fresh and clean again.

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Barked: Wed Apr 12, '06 2:58pm PST 
Cleaning your pet's ears

For some animals, chronic ear infections are a big problem. Long eared dogs suffer from lack of air circulation, causing bacteria to grow out of control. Even cats can have serious ear trouble. If your pet is more than just a little hot under the collar, try cleaning their ears by following these simple guidelines.


Excessive redness, scratching and irritation has many causes, including:


Ear Mites



1. Never use Q-Tips to clean your pet's ears.

2. Never use a scissors to trim around your pet's ear canal.

3. Never use water to clean the ears. It will cause infection.


The inside of your pet's ears should be light pink, dry and clean. Any one of these symptoms could spell trouble:

Foul odor

Wet patches





Excessive scratching


Signs of dried blood.


Bleeding from ear canal.

Excessive head shaking.

Excessive scratching.

Dark discharge from ear.


Dogs have especially sensitive ears. Long eared and long haired breeds are particularly susceptible to infection, irritation and build up of debris.



Ear Cleaner or Olive Oil

Cotton Balls


1. REMOVE HAIR. Many dogs have hair that actually begins to grow on the inside of their ears. This prevents air circulation and drying, and is often a precursor to infection. Before cleaning, check for any stray hair that is growing inside the ear flap. You can do this by folding your dog's earflap back. This will help to expose the hair. Squirt a small amount of powder on to the ear hair and massage a few times to coat the hair. Using your thumb and forefinger, grasp a small amount of hair and quickly pull the hair out in the direction that it grows. (This is less painful for the dog than using a scissors.) Never pull at an angle. If there is more hair growing beyond the reach of your fingers, use a tweezers to remove the remaining hair from your dog's ear canal.

2. SURFACE CLEAN FIRST. Moisten a cotton ball with ear cleaner and begin by cleaning the surface of the inner ear.

3. STRAIGHTEN EAR CANAL. Gently pull on your dog's ear to straighten the ear canal. Squirt one tablespoon of cleaner inside your dog's ear. This will allow the solution to travel down into the ear canal where your fingers can't reach. Gently massage the base of your dog's ear. (You should be able to hear the liquid inside the ear canal while doing this.) When finished, remove any excess fluid, discharge or debris from your dog's ear with cotton balls. Don't worry if there is remaining fluid when you are through. Your dog will shake most of it free.


1. Long eared dogs need to have their ears cleaned at least one a month.

2. For dog's whose ears do not provide enough circulation to remain free of debris and infection, leathers (to tie the ears back) can be a short term treatment option. Drying powders and creams work well, too.

3. Soothing lotions (containing aloe) can be used in between cleaning to help eliminate irritation and excessive scratching.


Cleaning your cat's ears works much the same way. Olive oil or a few drops of commercial ear cleaner can be used.

1. Warm olive oil or cleaner to body temperature.

2. Put one or two drops of liquid into the ear canal.

3. Massage the base of the ear for one minute.

4. Repeat with other ear.

5. Remove oil and debris with clean cotton ball.

Chronic ear infections can also be a sign of serious health problems. When in doubt, check with your veterinarian before treating your pet at home.
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Barked: Wed Apr 12, '06 3:11pm PST 
Diet can cause ear problems, too... Just something else to look at! My Golden used to have constantly very gunky ears with a lot of infections until I switched her diet, since then she's had not a single infection and her ears are so clean I almost never have to clean them myself!

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Barked: Wed Apr 12, '06 3:22pm PST 
You might have an ear infection. I had a horrible ear infection when I was a pup, and my ears stinked. Try taking her to the vet, and if it does turn out to be ear infection, your vet will give you some antibiotics.
P.S Does her ears have any brown or black stuff in it?? Does it look red or swollen??

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Barked: Wed Apr 12, '06 3:57pm PST 
Hi Maya, sorry your ears are yucky.

Is the stink accompanied by brown or reddish gunk? Could be a yeast infection. Pitties and other bully breeds are really susceptable to yeast infections in their ears, and, like in my case, when it gets really bad it can appear between your toes and on your belly. It's can be downright maddening for both you and your human!

Black gunk could be symptomatic of ear mites. Your vet can diagnose what it is for sure by looking at the ear gunk under a microscope.

If it does turn out to be a yeast infection, your vet will most likely prescribe an otic cleanser (a liquid to squirt in there and help clean out the actual stuff) and another tube of cream which will be a medication that is supposed to treat the yeast infection.

Storm had horrible chronic yeast infections in her ears, and saw many vets over the course of several years who all prescribed ear meds and sent us on our way. The meds would help for anywhere from a day to a week, then it was back to stinky and itchy and gunky. What turned out to be the solution, which was not brought up by any vet and actually happened sort of by accident, was a diet change that included no grains. After about two weeks of a grain free diet, her ears cleared up and have remained clear for about a year now. Actually, there was one relapse, but that was after I started including rice in her diet for a bit. Cut out the rice, and her ears cleared up again. That's all the proof I needed that grains were the root cause!

We hope you find the root of your ear problems and get them fixed up quicker than I did!

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Barked: Wed Apr 12, '06 4:29pm PST 
That nasty stink is usually a sign of infection. My Lab used to get them once in a while. And I was in the vet's office one time & a little Lhasa came in who smelled so bad that I could hardly stand to be in the waiting room with her. Whew!

Maya should see her vet for treatment. Regular ear cleanings after should help keep them under control.

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Barked: Wed Apr 12, '06 5:15pm PST 
Hi Maya Sweetie,

It does sound like you might have an ear infection. Have you been shaking a lot and scratching at your ear? You should go to the vet to get it checked out. My sister used to get ear infections a lot and she totally hated the drops and the ointment that the vet perscribed to treat it. My mom found something that works great for preventative maintenance once the ear infection goes away. Twice a week she cleans my sistersnears out with Petkin Ear Wipes. You can find them at any big pet store and they look like baby wipes but they work great! She hasn't had any ear infections since! Please note that they will not cure ear infections, they just help prevent them. Good luck!


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Barked: Wed Apr 12, '06 5:42pm PST 
Hi Maya......

I'm a coonhound with long, floppy ears, so I know all about ear irritations! Sounds like you might have an ear infection, or they might just need a good cleaning. Hard to say......my mommy uses special doggie ear wipes to keep mine clean. She has to be extra careful to keep them dry (especially after a bath), because ears that get water trapped inside could develop into an infection too.

Keep us posted, and I hope you feel better soon!

Polo come
Barked: Wed Apr 12, '06 6:09pm PST 
i had ear mites when i was a puppy& when mommy 1st brought me home...i was screaming all nite long cuz the mites were biting me...it can get very serious if not taken care of...that's why mommy took me to the vet...the vet fished out some black yuckies...mommy even saw them moving under the microscope...simple medication took care of it rite away...if u play with other doggies u should have them checked out too...

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Barked: Wed Apr 12, '06 6:44pm PST 
It does sounds like it may be an ear infection. You should probably take her to the vet to have her ears examined.

I keep Chaz's ears clean by using an ear flush solution. You just squirt a few drops in the ear and let it sit for a few seconds and then they will shake their ears. You can find these solutions either at your vet or your local pet store.
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