Honey swallowed a plastic squeaker--How worried should I be?

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Barked: Wed Apr 5, '06 12:57am PST 
At dog training this evening, we were working on "drop it" with the training assistant when Honey destroyed the fluffy squeaky toy (as usual) and had the plastic squeaker in her mouth before we could get it. To entice her to drop the squeaker, the assistant put the food treat in front of her nose and instead of dropping the squeaker, Honey swallowed it.

It has now been several hours (about 5) and we have not seen any adverse reactions to it. No coughing or discomfort, etc. Should I be concerned? Is this something that can get passed out of her system? What should we be looking for? Is it better to induce vomiting? I'm concerned that while most of the squeaker is round, it does have the small piece that sticks out one end.


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Barked: Wed Apr 5, '06 1:42am PST 
I would call the vet asap. Just to be safe. I always call my vet when in doubt.

I would think it would'nt be digested??? Call to be sure.

Good luck
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Barked: Wed Apr 5, '06 8:50pm PST 
Hi Honey,

Push Push Squeak Squeak *Super Dog tries to squeak Honey*

One time I swallowed a scrunchi because I was playing keep away with some of my doggie friends. I thought the best way to keep it away was to eat it! My mama gave me some hydrogen peroxide when we got home from the park and I puked it right up.

I’m not sure if your squeaker will come out 5 hours later but you might try. It is not harmful at all. I don’t think it will be that big of a deal though, just have your mama watch you and give you a bland diet. Maybe chicken and rice. Yummy! It will be funny to hear you when you poop it out. *squeak squeak, poot poot*

Best of luck Honey!

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Barked: Wed Apr 5, '06 9:16pm PST 
How big is the squeaker?
When did Honey eat? How long before the squeaker was ingested did she eat?
Has she gone to the bathroom (number 2) since she ate the squeaker? How long after eating it?

Use this as a frame of reference. Storm must have eatten the gauze that got stuck in him, either early that morning or the night before. It was not till 8:00 pm that he even had an issue.
You really might want to see the vet, or atleast call for an opinion.

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Barked: Wed Apr 5, '06 9:29pm PST 
you should take the dog to the vet and tell them what happend
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Barked: Wed Apr 5, '06 10:18pm PST 
DO NOT INDUCE...it's honestly the saddest thing to watch, i've had to do it before to a 9 wk old puppy b/c we thought she drank antifreeze...but if it has been 5 hours than the squeeky has passed this option so doing it will only be a mess. I would call the vet immediately and ask if there is a problem depending on the squeeky toy's size it might not be a big deal and she will poop it out later. If by chance it is too large it could get stuck in the intestines. This would be a problem. an x ray might be needed.

Barked: Mon Feb 6, '12 10:29am PST 
My yellow lab is almost 2 years old and swallowed a squeaker. He became very lathargic and the vet ended up doing surgery and removed the squeaker from his intestine. I was told it would not have passed and eventually would have killed my dog. It was the size of a half dollor and an x-ray confirmed something was in his stomach/intestine area. All other tests were normal. It cost us around $1100 but he is back to normal and all the squeakers have been removed from his toys.

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Barked: Mon Feb 6, '12 11:35am PST 
Definitely check in with your vet. I swallowed a squeaky once and mom didn't know it. I was vommiting and I stopped eating. And believe me, if I'm not eating, something is DEFINITELY wrong. Mom took me to the vet...a regular xray didn't show anything so they did an xray with barium...I believe that's what it was and it showed up on the xray. I was given an enema to see it if came out my back end and sure enough within a couple of hours, out it came red facered facered face No one knew what it was until it came out. If it didn't work with the enema I would have had to have it taken out surgically.

Oh and I did have to wear doggy diapers for a day or two red facered facered face

So yeah...definitely bring it to your vets attention and look for any signs that something is "off"

Barked: Mon Feb 6, '12 12:22pm PST 
I agree with calling the vet.

I would be afraid that if you induced vomiting, the squeaker would get stuck in the back of the throat, and the dog would have trouble breathing. Just a thought.

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Barked: Mon Feb 6, '12 12:26pm PST 
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