Spay recovery period

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Maribelle- CGC

I'm so cute that- I'm hardly in- trouble
Barked: Fri Mar 3, '06 4:16pm PST 
Hi Everyone,

I was spayed today and I am quite groggy. My mommy and I are wondering what the "typical" recovery process is for the 14-day period following spay surgery. This was my mommy's first "spay" and she is nervous about how I will heal.

Also, mommy doesn't know how to keep me entertained for the next 7-14 days because I'm not suppose to play too hard or roughhouse. Help!

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Kaiser - My sweet boy- is gone

The Mister
Barked: Fri Mar 3, '06 4:34pm PST 
Awww poor baby! Sorry little belly huh?

Honestly, she will be back to normal in a couple days. We've been through this lots of time. The key is to make sure she doesn't bother her stitches. Make sure she doesn't lick them or try and pull them out. Keep the area dry so no baths or playing outside. She can go out for potty breaks, but just in and out and with you in attendance. Just watch her activities so that she doesn't strain the area.

She probably won't feel much like eating today or maybe even tomorrow, so don't force her to eat.. she'll start eating again when she's hungry. She'll probably feel thirsty, so keep lots of cold water handy. Kaiser gagged a bit the night of his neuturing, I think it was a side effect from the aenesthia.

That's pretty much it. Good luck and hope baby heals up nice and incident free. Maggie goes to get fixed on Monday.

i'm not- spoiled...i'm- loved.
Barked: Fri Mar 3, '06 4:55pm PST 
Moxie was back to her normal hyper self in a few days. Her stitches did bother her though, and she tried to lick and itch at them a lot. We put booties on her feet and made her a shirt to cover that area of her tummy out of an old tshirt of ours that way she couldn't lick them and if she itched at them, her toenails didn't get caught.

Also something to keep in mind...although Moxie wasn't fully potty trained at the time anyway (she still isn't...stubborn little girl) but we did notice she had to pee a lot more often than usual and we really had to watch for accidents and take her out more often. We asked the vet about it and she said it was normal, so that may be something to watch for as well.

Hope that helps, fell better Maribelle!

Kaiser - My sweet boy- is gone

The Mister
Barked: Fri Mar 3, '06 6:30pm PST 
Yeah, I noticed that about Kaiser too... he peed a lot. Is that another side effect of the aenesthia y'think?
Cosmic- Isabel- Roverandom

To Infinity and- Beyond!
Barked: Fri Mar 3, '06 7:04pm PST 
Both Rosie and I bounced back pretty quickly after being spayed. I wasn't supposed to do any jumping or anything, but of course I jumped on the couch my first day home. We weren't allowed to do any running which kinda sucked, but we made up for that later.

We also didn't do much licking of our stitches either.

It's really nothing to worry about. Keep an eye on the stitches. Make sure there's no ooze, swelling, etc. You should be fine real soon.
Rosie- Moondog

I Love My- Shellies
Barked: Fri Mar 3, '06 7:08pm PST 
Let's face it, the worst part of spaying is the embarassing shaved bell. At least Dad had the decency to take my shaved bell picture off my front page.
Cloe Mae *RE-HOMED* I love you

Run, run, run
Barked: Fri Mar 3, '06 7:18pm PST 
Hi, Maribelle, I got spayed on November 15 and bounced back really well. Everything went fine, but mommy worried herself sick because the backyard lost it's grass due to the draught here (and very very bad soil in our area) and I love to lay on my belly on the dirt. She checked my stitches all the time. I love fluffy grass, but we don't have any frown. I stayed quiet in my crate, but in a couple of days I was wanting to start chasing the cats!

I am going to tell you the hardest part regarding your being spayed, and that is your mommy. My mommy used to look at the string of the stitches on my little belly and, for some reason, it made her very sad and sometimes she cried. Daddy asked her why and she couldn't really put it into words, but what came out was that it broke her heart to see me operated on and cut and hurting. She would come over and hold me and tell me how very sorry she was. Mommy's reallllllyyyy emotional. She's what they call a feeler (psychology...thinker, doer, feeler and...I forgot the last one ... BOL!)

Oh, like others have said, it's really only a couple of weeks. I was so protected that I COULD have been running sooner, but the vet said NO EXERTION for about four weeks. So I couldn't go to the park. They say that I could go after four weeks, but mommy and daddy wouldn't chance it. Anyway, sorry for rambling.

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Kaiser - My sweet boy- is gone

The Mister
Barked: Fri Mar 3, '06 7:23pm PST 
I just hope Maxwell finds something to keep himself entertained. Ruby and Rosie were spayed a month apart from one another.. but were surprisingly quite understanding of each other when they were each recovering. Both of them pretty much kept to themselves in their crates during their individual recoveries.

Kaiser is going to spend next week at my parent's place so he doesn't interfere with Maggie's recovery. I think he knows too and is quite excited to see Grandpa and Duke and all the shenanigans that await them!
Rosie - Sweet Angel- in Heaven

Maggie killed my- loofah dog! : (
Barked: Fri Mar 3, '06 7:29pm PST 
Cloe.. my mom was the complete opposite.. she had us laughing to tears when Rosie was spayed. She was holding Rosie and talking in a little Rosie voice "That Dr. Scott... he QUAAAAAZY Mommy!! He made me go to sweep and wipped my guts out Mommy! He QUAAAAAZY!!" LOL!!!!!!!

Shumi - Built for speed!
Barked: Fri Mar 3, '06 9:21pm PST 
I hope you feel better soon. My mommy has no experience with spaying or neutering and she is worried abut me too.

7 to 14 days sure seems like a long time to recover! Im a boy and am wondering if I need that amount of time too? Im going in next month and my mommy read this and is getting worried too!

I think she may have to hold off on going to work (maybe take vacation time off)till I pass my 14 day recovery then eh? (ps: Im Canadian, that why I said eh)...smile
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