Bumps and Lumps after being spayed.....

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Barked: Sat Feb 25, '06 10:29am PST 
Hi Pitunia,

My mommy can still feel my little bumps about 5 months later (yikes! Her computer fingers are cold! I was all tucked in under the covers! How rude!).

The vet actually said that professionals are able to tell quickly if a dog is spayed by feeling there. huh?

Barked: Sun Apr 2, '06 1:45pm PST 
Hello Everyone,
My mommy feels much better about my lump she found this morning. She might still take me to the vet tomorrow. She's really protective of me smile. I was spayed on Tuesday For the first 2 days I was a zombie. (what is that stuff!!!) The third day I was back to my spunky self. Mommy helps me on and off the couch and bed still. Well, thanks this web-site is GREAT! Lucysmile

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Barked: Sun Apr 2, '06 2:26pm PST 
Hi, I was spayed last week too!! My staples were taken out on Friday, mommy is still too scared to feel for bumps though. Keep us posted sweetie!!


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Barked: Sun Apr 2, '06 3:45pm PST 
dont worry at all!!! i had 3 dogs spayed in a month and each one got this "lump" under the incision...it will go down. I believe its just swelling from surgery.
Serengeti- Sashie

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Barked: Mon Apr 10, '06 10:02pm PST 
2 dogs, 2 type of lump results.
Dog #1 Sashie: I'm a mini dachshund. I was originally spayed in early Nov. as was my 1/2 sister Zoey. I had an E-Collar on for the first 3 weeks to prevent me from licking at my suture area. I did not have any seromas (swellings) but you could feel the little bumps from internal sutures.

1.5 months after the spay I developed a small incisional hernia that was "reducible" (it could be pushed back inside and was soft) I was told by Cornell Vet School vets that this was probably just some fat poking out and that likely the top most cranial internal suture (towards the head) right on the belly button area had popped open allowing the fat to poke out from the abdomen wall. They said to monitor it to see if it became firm or bigger as that could indicate that an internal organ could be coming out of the hole.

About 4.5 months after the spaying the incisional hernia got about 2-3 times bigger and became firmer so I went back to vet. They said to be on safe side they would repair the hernia, which they did and noted that it was firm tissue that had herniated out.

About 4 days after this repair surgery I developed a seroma on the side and then on the incision. THe seroma was soft and round larger than a quarter. I was told to put hot compresses on this 10 minutes several times a day.

Sutures were removed after 2 weeks. It is now 2.5 weeks after the repair surgery (which was no charge fyi) and 95% of swelling is gone.

After initial spay I was told to restrict activity (no jumping, no running, walk on leash only, and no rough play for 2-3 weeks).
This time however, after repair surgery none of above activities for 2 months!

I sometimes go literally stir crazy (try climbing the walls literally).
I go for slow walks my mom is very careful to take restricted activity advice seriously due to wanting to avoid going through all this for a 3rd time.

Dog #2) Zoey

My 1/2 sister Zoey had an e-collar on after her spay surgery but she is a longer dachshund than me (bigger too) so her e collar was too short and allowed her to lick at some of her sutures which became red. She developed seromas (swellings) immediately after spaying.
THey went away after a few weeks of hot compresses and healing.

1.5 months after spaying she developed a hard lump on belly button on the cranial top of incision area. This lump different than mine in that it was harder and not reducible (couldn't poke it back in). This was checked on about 2.5 weeks ago and told that it was possibly fat or a reaction to sutures. However it recently suddenly doubled or tripled in size but has same characteristics. We are not sure what it is and will be going back to vet for check up soon.
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