deteriorating muscles

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Sir Winston

Barked: Wed Feb 1, '06 3:56pm PST 
My two bassets have a rare disorder. A deteriorating muscle disease. It started in their heads, making them look very "boney" and is rotting their teeth. I need help! I had a dental done just last year and one had 18 teeth removed, the other 14. Now it is happening again. The cost for such a procedure was almost $500 a piece. Can anyone help? I do not want them to be put down, but can not afford that again right now. I am sure-just as we get tooth pain-that they get tooth pain. Or do they need to go to doggie heaven now?
Poquito- ♥

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Barked: Thu Feb 2, '06 6:28am PST 
What exactly is their disorder? It may be that there is a veterinary school close by that would benefit from treating them, because it IS a rare disorder, and would cut you some discounts to care for them. Will your vet not work with you on a payment plan? If not, find another one who will. Lots of doggies get by on soft foods and baby food, scrambled eggs, rice, etc. It's not ideal, but will keep them going if their quality of life is otherwise good. If they are happy, energetic, enjoying life otherwise, it's worth investigating all your options. Good luck.

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Barked: Thu Feb 2, '06 5:16pm PST 
I'm so sorry to hear that.... my mommy gives me cod liver oil which is really good for muscle, bone, and cardiovascular health. It might help with your pups. There's also a product made by Health Force Nutritionals called Gren Mush. It's a powdered supplement for dogs that has a bunch of all natural ingredients. It doesn't take a lot. You can mix it with their water or food or anything really. I like the taste of it. Again, it might help. Good luck and I hope eveything turns out OK.