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Reverse sneezing?

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Dingo a.k.a.- Miracle Dog

Help save our- furry friends in- the South
Barked: Sun May 25, '08 1:49pm PST 
I actually put up a post about this earlier but this thread has so much more info on it. Budda, for a little while there i thought Dingo was doing it for attention, then it was just happening too much. We've curbed it quite a bit. First, i changed his food to an allergy formula (Natural Balance Sweet Potato and Fish). I figued whatever helps. Second, i changed from children's benedryl to adult and cut in half. My vet told me 1 mg per pound. When his attacks were happening a lot i would just give him a half 3 times a day and it pretty much stopped. He just had one this morning so i gave him one and now he's resting. Another thing i noticed is we had a heat wave last week, he was panting a lot so not a single attack. The last few days have been cool and damp. The key is to get them to breath out of their mouth. I would sometimes squeeze his little snoot and that would get him to breath out of his mouth. My vet wasn't too concerned about it either. Dingo had been attacked awhile back and had surgery on his trachea, but we had x-rays done to rule out any kind of collapse. Dingo also has a heart murmur that hes on meds for. But when he gets a reverse sneezing attack i feel like its just adding extra strain on his little heart. i feel so bad for him.

Barked: Wed Sep 11, '13 6:58am PST 
Our dog Sashi, a Rottweiler mix, had started doing this about a year ago. A few days ago, she had a major attack and did it for almost 12 hours straight. Previously she would do it for a few minutes, and stop, though sometimes it would happen multiple times per day. We noted it seemed to happen the most when the weather was humid. She never seems to show any real distress when this happens.

Yesterday I took Sashi to the vet, suspecting either something stuck up her nose, or allergies after such an intense bout of this. The vet suggested I look up videos of reverse sneezing, which turns out to be exactly what she is doing. He also confirmed she has mild allergies and if they become really bothersome, she can have some Benedryl.

As far as can tell, and based on the conversation with my vet, its nothing to worry about and it more of an annoyance than anything else. My vet did rule out nose mites or an obstruction of some sort first.
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