in heat ...very swollen vulva...

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Cutie Patootie
Barked: Tue Nov 8, '05 7:57pm PST 
she has been bleeding for about 7 days now and today her vulva seems more swollen than before......i guess she will have to go to the vet tomorrow......is it normal for the size to change? if you read my past post...this is her 1st heat...she is never more than 5 feet from me on a leash so i know there have been no boys involved....how swollen is normal?

'It's all about- Me!'
Barked: Tue Nov 8, '05 8:11pm PST 
It depends on the dog, I'm always very neat and don't swell much, my sister Cuvee on the other hand, huge swelling and it looks like you butchered a cow. Usually you will get blood then it changes light pink or a staw colored discharge for a few days when they are 'prime' for breeding. Then usually blood again. It's different for every dog. As long as there is no stinky green discharge and temperature is normal, should be nothing to worry about. Whenever we seem a bit off Mom is always ready with that stupid thermometer.


Puppy Power!
Barked: Tue Nov 8, '05 8:17pm PST 
Swelling is normal. As she ^ said, as long as there is no green or slimy discharge, you're fine! smile


Proud to be a- kitchen wolf!!!
Barked: Tue Nov 8, '05 10:10pm PST 
Sounds like it's about time for the swelling to start. I wouldn't be alarmed unless there's the afore-mentioned signs of something going wrong.