Vote to help the Doberman Assistance Network!

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Elka, NTD

Where's Gumby?
Barked: Fri Nov 18, '11 5:42pm PST 
On Facebook, Chase Community Giving has voting for a piece of a $3 million grant! The Doberman Assistance Network is one of the charities with votes, but only the top 100 see any money. The Doberman Assistance Network works nationwide in the U.S. to get dogs out of kill shelters and dangerous situations, and into foster and rescue.

So, if you have a Facebook and would like to help (it is FREE!), go to Chase Community Giving on Facebook, "like" Chase Community Giving, and then vote for the Doberman Assistance Network!

Currently at 126 votes, I'm hoping they get a whole lot more before this is over! They need 700 total votes to be in the running It's only a few days left. You can only vote once for an organization, but get 10 total votes, so you can search for other charities and causes to vote upon.