Help Lexi is chewing the house

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Barked: Mon Dec 7, '09 4:15pm PST 
Lexi apparently doesnt like to be outside long because when I let her out about thirty minutes after I put out in the backyard she starts eating the wood framing the back door. I brought some dog barrier and I have also tried to put the cayenne pepper on the door. If any one knows why she does this or what I can do to stop her from eating me out of house and home I would greatly appreciate it.naughty

Mr. Destructo
Barked: Mon Mar 15, '10 11:51am PST 
hi lexi, I cant give you a definate answer but I can relate. Ive been told that dobes like to chew because they get bored. I used to let chuco out to run free in the house until he started chewing.....1st was the linoleum floor, then the chairs, then a lamp cord (while it was plugged in) after that we decided he needed to be crated while we were gone. We did use apple bitters spray and it kept him from doing any further damage. But he has managed to get to the microwave cart & the corner of the basement door!!! It seems to me these dogs are drawn to wood! why i dont know! i have a wood pile for burning in the fire pit and as soon as leave him alone in the yard he darts right for it!!! so sorry i couldnt give you answer but know your not alone!

Play hard, sleep- well.
Barked: Wed Apr 3, '13 9:19am PST 
The reason may be because she might not be getting enough exercise. As you may already know, Dobermans are an active breed. They need at least 1 hour of exercise daily. Here are some things I do with my dog:
Have her pull something
Go backpacking
Go for a hike
Go swimming
Go to the dog park
Play hide and seek
Dogs need more than just physical exercise though. They also need mental stimulation. Try these:
Give her a kong
Get three cups. Hide a treat under one of them. See if your dog can find it.
Good luck!