Vet wants me to crop the ears and tail....

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Barked: Wed Apr 3, '13 9:08am PST 
Docking is usually done when the dog is very young. Docking is unnecessary unless the dog has a tail injury. It is usually only done for the looks of it. Dogs communicate with their tails, so if you are basically cutting away your dog's communication by docking it.
Cropping is usually done when the dog is 9-12 weeks old. This is completely unnecessary unless the dog has an ear injury. Dogs communicate with their ears and, like docking, you are literally cutting away your dog's means of communication.
Cropping is also a lot of work, too. To make the ears stand up on their own, you have to place a bandage around the ears. Unless you regularly change the bandage, bacteria can grow in the ear and the dog can get ill. Also, the bandages are very stressful for a dog. This can lead to pacing and sickness.
Always remember SCUSS, which is my code for what a dog does not want to be:
C-cruelly treated
Good Luck!
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