need advice on food preparation

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Barked: Tue Dec 4, '12 3:06am PST 
Greetings from the Philippines.

I got a dalmatian named Murphy around 11-1/2 years ago.

Murphy is now 11 years and 9 months. He will turn 12 on January 27 next year. I dreaded the day he would grow old and weak. But it seems this time has come. Murphy is down to 23.6 kilos from 30 kilos at his prime. He is skin and bones now. He hardly eats. I have to feed him with a syringe.

In the x-ray he had a week ago, I learned he has an enlarged heart which according to the Vet may have caused his liver and kidney to weaken.

At the moment, I am feeding him Hills Prescription Diet l/d canine hepatic health. The Vets claim dogs love this. Murphy hates it. He does not eat this readily so I blend this and give it to him through a syringe. I was told to try to Royal Canin brand because it's tastier. The Vet advised to give only this because it is low protein and helps his liver a lot. Sometimes Murphy vomits because I guess he doesn't like the taste.

Last night when I brought him downstairs to relieve himself, I saw him trying to open our garbage can in the garden. Maybe in desperation, he was trying to find something to eat. This really broke my heart. I feel helpless unable to give him food he likes and is good for him.

Each day, I watch him grow weaker. I dread the day if ever I have to make the decision. I don't want this day to come.

I will appreciate any advice. At the moment, I am warming the blended l/d. I put this in a container and put it in another container with warm water. Does anyone know another way to prepare this? Murphy won't eat it just out of the can. Is there a way to make this more appealing to him?

Many thanks.

David Yap