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Ozzy- PawsBourne

The prince of- Barkness
Barked: Mon Nov 5, '12 8:34am PST 
hey everyone! So i have two dalmatian puppies, they will be 4 months on Wednesday (WOW! time really has flown by!!) And I'm trying to figure out roughly what they will weigh when they are adults. The mom was 40-45 pounds and i just found out yesterday that the father is over 90 pounds! wow! so im just wondering if im going to have massive dogs or normal 50 ponders? lol Elvis weighs 20 and Ozzy weighs 21 pounds. and Elvis is 16 inch high and Ozzy is 17.5 inches high, is that normal too? These are my first dals so i'm just curious. thhanks for all the help!!

Barked: Sat Jul 20, '13 10:02pm PST 
Just read your post and was curious as to how big your pups grew?