I want to learn more about Dalmatians

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Smiles and- Wiggles
Barked: Sun Aug 10, '08 12:40am PST 
Yes, I snore sometimes but not others.
I only dig to hide bones and toys and food to eat later. Then I dig them up when I want them.
I love activity - run, walk, swim!
Wherever you go, I want to be there too! I hate being alone!
I am very strong-willed and very intelligent - you have to be consistent and use reward-oriented training, otherwise I will walk all over you.
I do like to push your buttons and/or do what I want to do even though I know it's not what you want.
I have some skin allergies and I am partially deaf. Beware of both these traits in Dals.
Don't leave me home too much alone - I will get into stuff when I am bored.
We Dals need lots of exercise too.
Be sure to do your research on Dalmatians and make sure they are right for your life style. An unhappy Dal makes an unhappy household. That's how I ended up at the pound before I was even an adult.

I am entitled!
Barked: Sat Aug 30, '08 11:35am PST 
I have owned 2 of these spotty dotty dogs. They are wonderful with babies & children. However, the 2 I had were not related at all but both were the dumbest dogs I've ever owned. I don't know if by the luck of the draw I got 2 "special" ones. They were untrainable because they just didn't get it. I have owned a poodle, shepherd, and Heinz 57 that were Einsteins by comparison. But Dalmatians are sweet tempered probably because they're too dumb to be mean. They do love to bark as well.snoopy

My dork- ♥
Barked: Sat Sep 13, '08 10:05am PST 
1.) Snore?

Oh yes

2.) Dig?


3.) High Matnece?

No, not really.

4.) Love walks?


5.) One person dog?

No party

6.) Please give me some more info.

Gas. Something no one ever told us about Dals before we got one is that some have terrible gas. Mickey is one of them. But to me, that one flaw is nothing compared to the love and affection Mickey shows.

7.) Please give me advice with them.

Just make sure you'd be up for lots of walks and such. I know Mickey was very hyperactive in his first few years with us, but he's started settling down a teeny bit.

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Fancy-Kehley- r

Road Runner
Barked: Tue Sep 16, '08 1:07pm PST 
I'm only 1/2 Dal but here you go
1.) Snore? Yes I wake Mom up sometimes laugh out loud
2.) Dig? Not really no
3.) High Maintenance? No
4.) Love walks? No I RUN, RUN, RUN Mom has me pull a Tricycle because I run to fast to be attached to a bicycle! snoopysnoopy I've been up to 6 miles at one time. I also do 30 minutes in the mornings on a tread mill
5.) One person dog? No I love everyone I have a chance to get to know
6.) Please give me some more info. Pure ENERGY, blue dog give them a job, and exersize, I am prey-driven, but we are working on it! way to go
7.) Please give me advice with them. Socializing is key, they are smart and want to please, teach them lotts!

Princess- Birdykins
Barked: Mon Dec 1, '08 9:16pm PST 
They are dogs just like any other. Each dog has his or her own personality some will dog some will snore. Some will like cats others won't.

Here's what you REALLY need to know:
Dals are like children. They are strictly INDOORS. They need attention all the imte. The need a lot of excersize. (Unless you have a super mellow one.)

Do not get a Dal unless you want a total family member. They are very humanistic. They chat and talk. Many watch TV. They have the most phenomenal personalities. But they need hard core training and a lot of your time.

I wouldn't give mine up for a billion dollars.
Lady Bug (My- Sweet Angel)

Watching over- momma from- Rainbow Bridge
Barked: Sun Dec 21, '08 12:27pm PST 
Here's what my mommy has to say about me:

1.) Snore? Nope but I did dream all the time, I would kick my feet like I was running and would bark (muffled) in my sleep and sometimes it looked and sounded as though I was sucking (like I was nursing when I was a pup)
2.) Dig? Nope never did, but I had a sisfur one time who did, only one time cause she saw mommy planting flowers so she wanted to help. My mommy waited until she was out in the yard one time and when she started to dig she shook a can of rocks tight as she did it and my sisfur didn't like the noise and stopped nd never dug again.
3.) High Matnece? me yes, my sisfur no. I had different problems from the time my mommy brought me home. We also shed year round A LOT so you have to brush us frequently. We are pretty clean (some people say cat like clean) and don't require frequent bathing.
4.) Love walks? yes when I got older, when I was younger Run, Run , Run and until I was about 10 if the door opened up and I got out I would bolt, I would just have to go see what was going on in the neighborhood. My sisfur was more shy and wouldn't bolt unless I did first and then she would follow me.
5.) One person dog? Closest to my mommy but if she was busy I would follow other family members around, just gotta be in the mix.
6.) Please give me some more info. I was the dominant one and my sisfur (not really related) was the submissive one. I always had to let the other dogs know I was alpha. I had a best friend golden when I was younger that I just loved to romp and play with. I loved dfood, just about any food and I was good at stealing it. Sometimes, I would steal it right from your hand if you accidentally got it down where I was and sometimes I would get right up and steal it as you were trying to put it in your mouth. That was fun, you should have seen the look on my mommy's face and my human sisfur's face when I did it to them. BOL!!!
7.) Please give me advice with them. LOTS OF TLC, I loved learning tricks and only had to be shown once or twice and I would have it down pat. My sisfur, she only learned a couple tricks. My mommy wasn't sure if she just wan't as smart or if she was just smart enough to figure out that if she just sat thtere and looked at you long enough that I would do the trick and then we wold both get a treat. When we are puppies we need exercise and attention, as we get older we don't always need as much and are just happy being with our people. We don't like to be left by ourselves we are people dals. My mommy says I was the protector, but when I was 14, I lost my bark and my hearing was going so I wasn't able to scare people if they tried to get in. My mommy thinks my eyesight was going probablycataracts) because if my mommy or daddy would wave their hand or move to fast in front of my face I would flinch and it made mommy upset because I never got hit to react like that and then she realized that it was my sight.

My mommy says we have such personalities unlike other breeds and will steal your heart the first day!
cheerdancinglittle angel

Things to- do--Places to- go!
Barked: Sun Dec 28, '08 4:31pm PST 
Very well said, Birdy ! They are a "IT'S ALL ABOUT ME " breed, but once you have one, you will never regret it !!!
Hi, Sweet Lady Bug wave

The hottie
Barked: Sun Apr 12, '09 3:38pm PST 
I just have to respond to the person who reported having had two dumb dalmatians. Dalmatians are highly intelligent dogs, however they are silly, sneaky, strong-willed and protective, but definitely not dumb. There are so many wonderful books on dalmatians that help an owner understand this breed's unique make-up and their sensitive nature, and why training methods that work for some dogs might not work well for dals. Dalmatians are also prone to hearing problems and a small percentage are completely deaf (like me). I have learned lots of sign language (like any dal can), but I am still pure dal and therefore I will still try to get away with stuff laugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loud

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Cherie-In- Loving- Memory

I deserve to be- Spoiled!
Barked: Wed Apr 15, '09 11:27am PST 
Wow! Lots of stuff about Dals I can share with you!
1. Snore? sometimes! and the running & moaning in sleep, yup! soemtimes that happens.
2. Dig? Miss Cookies dug when she was a pup. The Bandit dug a little when he was younger, as he came here when he was 1 y/o. Cherie, just a little but she's been here for about 6 mos now, and was taught not to dig.
3. High Maintenance? Depends what you define it as. Miss Cookies had allergies. The Bandit had gunky ears but that was it until he was older then we found out about his heart. Cherie, no. From the grooming aspect, Dals are basically a wash and wear type of dog. Muddy feet? Wait 20-30 minutes and then brush off the dirt! Baths? Miss Cookies and The Bandit hardly got baths as they only got doggy sweat when we went to the dog park. Cherie's only had one bath since she's been here. They do shed twice- day and night!
Dietary needs? It boils down to the individual dog, as in many breeds. But Dals are missing an enzyme in their digestive tract and are prone to stone forming. Low to medium purine level foods are recommended to avoid stones.
Love Walks? Yes, they enjoy time with their human, no matter what the activity is. They were big status symbols back n the horse and carriage days, seen running between the horses or under the carriage- that's why they are nicknamed Carriage Dogs! Also they were able to keep up with the carriage if one traveled from one place to another, and that's why they have deep chests. They are catagorized in the Non Sporting Group, but they can hunt and do field trials.
One Person breed? Dals are very social. Yes, they have a preference for their human but the nickname of Velco or Shadow is used with this breed.
For more info, see the Dalmatian Club of America's site: www.thedca.org
Any advice?
Cherie is my third spottyed one here. Miss Cookies and The Bandit, now Angels, were the ones that got me hooked on this breed. They are intelligent, have a sense of humor, and enjoy snuggling in creature comforts as well as be as active as you are! Deafness may occur in 8% of the breed, but that can be unilateral or bilaterial ( one ear or both). Dysplasia of hips/elbows can occur too.
These dogs are inside dogs, as their coat is not made for outside only conditions.
I hope this adds to whats been posted about Dalmatians!

Why can't I- sleep on the bed- with you!?
Barked: Thu May 14, '09 4:03pm PST 
1. No mine never snores, though during some of his dreams, he laying down at a full sprint. I think if i could turn him over during one of these dreams without him waking, he would run right through the house.

2. Nope.

3. Depends what you mean by this, the shedding is for sure...as far as everything else goes, my dal is pretty easy to satisfy.

4. Of course!

5. My dog loves everyone, and I mean everyone. But he is attached to me and will get sad and mopey if I'm not around.
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