Where are all the regular size Long-Haired Dachshunds?

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We live in Northeast Louisiana and have inherited a wonderful 8 year old purebred, long-haired wiener dog. He is intact and we are looking to adopt a female so we can grow our little family. I've searched Petfidner & Craigslist to no end & while there are minis everywhere, I cannot seem to find a regular sized female with the long-hair frown My MIL purchased our boy from a pet shop in Dallas without knowing about the puppy mills years ago. I really do not want to go this route. Any resources, references or advice would be appreciated. Thank you so much!

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I know what you mean. When I was looking for my Dachshund. (Only three years ago) I coulndnt find ANY standard breeders. It is really frustrating. I really didn't want a 7 pound dog. Thankfully, Dar had bigger parents and just kept growing so he is 15lbs now. I would just try and look for a breeder with bigger mini's so you will have a dog around 11lbs or try ans find a breeder that has a mix of minks and standards.