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Murphy is our beloved 11 yr old tweenie Dachshund. About a week to 10 days after having a dental cleaning he developed some swelling in his snout. Vet #1 put him on Prednisone and Clavamox and after 3 or 4 days the swelling did go down, but then came back and more. We figured he might have a tooth root abscess since Vet #1 didn't offer X-rays, we made an appt with Vet #2 to have full dental X-rays under anesthesia. We also talked about the possibility of spider bite, bee-sting and worse case - MMM and sent blood to the lab for testing. Over the weekend the swelling worsened and Vet #2 felt it wasn't necessarily safe to proceed with the dental X-rays and also he wasn't convinced all the swelling was due to a tooth, (cuz his teeth/gums look really good), and now, Vet #2 felt MMM might not be the cause either. He sent us to a ER/specialist where they ran a complete battery of tests. A CT Scan of the skull - showed that his teeth were fine, but that he had some inflamed nasal tissue. We planned to do a rhynoscopy the next morning but upon further review a different Dr. felt that test might do more damage than good and it may not determine still what is causing all of this. We were told that the lymphnodes were enlarged and a check of the fluid determined they were reactive and that it wasn't lymphoma. We authorized an echocardiogram to see why the lymphnodes were enlarged and not passing fluids out to the heart, but that all came back fine. Lastly they all suggested either an add'l CT scan of the neck to the heart to look for a blockage or an ultrasound of his abdomen which might show a tumor... We asked that they stop and put him back on the Prednisone therapy cuz that seemed to help. He had the first 2 doses via the IV and now at home he's had 2 add'l days and the swelling hasn't decreased. We also added in simple Benedryl to see if that might help decrease the swelling. HELP!! His skin on his snout is breaking down and developing sores. We're at a crossroads and 3 vets, 2 specialty ER's and no diagnosis!! Any suggestions??