Herniated disc and splenectomy :(

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Barked: Sun Apr 8, '12 8:56am PST 
Hi, I'm Kenny and I just had a rough week!! Last Friday my belly was swollen and I was shaking real bad. My mom and dad took me to the emergency vet who diagnosed me with pancreatitis. Well, 3 days later I can't walk! The vet said they wanted to get an ultrasound but it would be a couple of days before they could get one. I never saw my dad get so angry before. He demanded to know where I could be seen immediately and the vet reluctantly referred me to a specialist center. I got an ultrasound, an MRI and some more bad news. My pancreas was fine, but I had a herniated disc at T12-T13. Worse, on the ultrasound they saw some nodules on my spleen that made the radiologist real nervous. My dad talked to the surgeon about the best course of treatment and together they decided to do everything to get me through it. I had an emergency hemilaminectomy and ultrasound guided fine needle aspiration of my spleen. Well, I'm back home finally and resting. I can't walk yet, but I can pee and poop on my own and I can feel my back legs. The path report of my spleen was benign but the surgeon still wants it removed to be safe. Has anyone else had this much trouble? My parents are still nervous I might have cancer even though the vet says it's unlikely. How long before I can walk? I'd love to hear some others' stories and make some friends!