Need help introducing adopted collie to our cat.

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Molly, the 3 yo collie, is new to our home. Our 8 yo cat, Fleabag, is cautious and willing to meet Molly. We aren't sure if Molly's is saying, "Hello, I want to MEET you!" or "Hello, I want to EAT you!". Molly barks vigorously, kind of bounces, tugs at her lead and wags her tail. She hasn't growled. We were told she is good with cats, but I'm not so sure.

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I brought my 3 month old Collie home when my cat was 6 months old, so they grew up together. I got one hiss out of the cat when he first saw the dog, but in a few days the cat, Fluffy, got used to this barking little puppy (Lady). By the end of the week, they were playing together. They used to chase each other around the house, get up on the bed and wrestle with each other, etc. The cat was always careful to keep his claws in, and the puppy would nip at the cat but was careful to never bite down.

After Fluffy grew up and calmed down, Lady was still bouncing around like a puppy. She would often try to pester Fluffy. Occasionally Lady would succeed in getting Fluffy to get up and move. Mostly, Fluffy would just completely ignore his "little sister".

An adult cat would likely take a bit longer to adjust to a dog, but Collies usually get along with cats and learn to respect whatever boundaries the cat sets.