Rough Collie coat at ten months:

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Tippy Toes
Barked: Wed Aug 25, '10 3:38pm PST 
Hi guys! I was wondering if anyone has experience with a Collie's coat being thinner than usual. Tippy's is not very profuse as other dogs her age.It is an unusually hot summer here in Ireland, and I've just found out that I may have been overgrooming her. She was also spayed three months ago, and it's still not grown back entirely at the surgical site, but very nearly has.
This is a recent photo of her:
Thank you for your help in advance! I was wondering if their coats start to get thicker when it gets colder?
Darby - C.G.C.

The Anti-Lassie
Barked: Sat Aug 28, '10 10:42pm PST 
Yes, she will start to get her winter coat, and by spring she will have shed the last vestige of her puppy coat, and will have her full thick adult coat.

I understand that the female's coats can be thinner than the males at times - that's why the movie Lassie was always played by a male dog - but diet can have a big effect on her coat, too. Make sure she is getting a premium food, and you may want to supplement with fish oil.

Also, remember that a Collie's coat should never be shaved, so keep up at least a weekly grooming session, so that she doesn't develop mats.

Tippy looks beautiful and mischievous. Have fun with her! big grin