Why does our collie sleep away from us?

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Amazing Collie- Girl Her Royal- Highness
Barked: Sun Feb 1, '09 11:31pm PST 
Just wondering, because Cirrus has always been this way: When she chooses a place to rest, she lies down away from us most of the time. When we get too close to her, she yips and moves away, even if you just moved your toe! Does your collie do that?

In contrast, our black German shepard Rook is like glue to us, following me everywhere in the house, and always wanting to be close to us to the point of leaning against us, or on us, in the bed, and cries when he can't be near us.

Plus, when we walk the dogs off leash, Cirrus tends to sniff, snoop and wander and not really aware of how far she's going, seemingly so focused on the smells that she doesn't know how far she's getting, and then Rook stops for her. Rook, on the other hand, wanders a little bit, then runs back to his pack leaders.

Is this just how collies tend to be? And why they say GSDs are really loyal? I wonder if GSDs are more pack-oriented with a higher need to be with the leader than collies? Hmmm...dog

Barked: Sun Mar 1, '09 10:09am PST 
not normal behavior i had collies my whole life before i had my 2 shelties and my parents still have a collie. they all wer extremly affectionate and loyal. and always wanted to be with us my parents collie they have now is 80lbs and tries to lay on your lap. lol
Angus Dominy- McGee- Siemsonovic

Friend to One- and All
Barked: Mon Mar 2, '09 2:31pm PST 
I'm wondering how long you've been with your family, and if you've had issues from another place. My family has had 5 collies altogether. We all like to be with our family members. I hope you soon become more comfortable with being close to your family. By the way, does anyone in your house like to watch The Dog Whisperer? The lady of my house watches him every chance she gets. She claims she never sees Cesar dealing with a collie on the show because we have such beautiful energy. I hope you'll grow to have that, too!


Amazing Collie- Girl Her Royal- Highness
Barked: Thu Mar 12, '09 9:47pm PST 
Cirrus is very easy-going, dog-lover, people-lover, the beauty of beauty, etc. She just doesn't seem to have a need to be physically glued to us like our GSD Rook, like when we are sleeping. She is near us, but not ON us, like Rook likes to be! She is laid back and calm-submissive as Cesar says. I didn't mean to give the impression that something is wrong with her.

And YES! I am a follower of Cesar Millan. In fact, he is the reason why Rook follows me everywhere now, because I have learned to be a strong pack leader! And Rook was the reason why I started watching Dog Whisperer regularly. I have many "success stories" to tell about me and Rook. I have followed Dog Whisperer and studied his books and DVDs since discovering him in Season 1.

True - Cesar has had shelties on his show, not collies. I don't know if he has ever helped a collie off-camera, though. However, there are old pictures I've seen on his website showing he had a collie at one time in his pack.

I belong to Cesar's Dogster Pack. I also post and give advice on Cesar's community forum on his website on a regular basis. My transformation into a calm-assertive leader has inspired me to help others. I have worked with people who need help with their dogs.

I have met Cesar a couple of times in Seattle, the most recent being this past January. I can tell you that in person, you definitely can feel his calm-assertive energy just by being in his presence. This last time I was able to have more of a conversation with him, and he was very warm and sincere (and remembered me from the first time we met).

I live Cesar's philosphy about balance everyday. Feel free to e-mail me through Dogster about Cesar if you wish.