Collie mix?

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Barked: Mon Dec 29, '08 5:27pm PST 
My girl Misty is a little over a year old and I rescued her from an abusive neighbor when she was about 6 months old. I'm trying to nail down what she's mixed with and everyone says they think she's part collie. I had a dog that looked exactly like here when I was younger and the little boy who gave her away in front of a grocery store said she was a collie/chow/shep mix. I think she may be an Icelandic Sheep Dog/Collie mix maybe because of some of her facial features and her ears. One of her ears is pricked, but he other is always a little floppy in the tip. I'm looking at the collie on the cover of Dog Fancy right now and it has the floppy tipped ears too. Anyway, I'm just curious to get some opinions if anyone has one.

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Barked: Mon Jan 5, '09 7:09pm PST 
Not sure but definitely a beautiful herder! Does he herd? blue dog

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I think it is possible, some of her color pattern suggest collie and her face and frills.dog

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Barked: Wed Jan 7, '09 5:30pm PST 
I have seen alot of collie/shepard mixes come through the rescues here and it is possible. However, the comment on your page about the wolf markings is interesting. If you look at her facial features and a wolf or wolf/hybrid, she does look like she could be part wolf. I live in Colorado and we have a few local wolf sanctuaries that take in wolf hybrids....one of the websites is http://www.wolfeducation.org/.
I hope this helps.