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Can I chase it?!
Barked: Mon Nov 30, '09 11:14pm PST 
Long time no talk everyone!
Yesterday, my neighbor's Cocker Spaniel wandered up to our place and fell in love with us. My neighbor is rarely home, I mean, I haven't seen him in months. The house is basically his vacation house and a place to get a way when he's not busy. There isn't even running water. The dog is left there all the time, with no access to the indoors. He does however get plenty to eat though because he is actually a bit on the chubby side. We called out neighbor and he basically said he doesn't know when he'll be back.
The dog is a mess. He is FILTHY and very matted. I shaved about 5-6" off his ears at the ends and it was all mats.
We are basically going to care for this dog while his owner is gone, and since I am the major dog lover in the house, I will be doing the majority of the work. This being said, I know NOTHING about this breed! I will be doing a lot of research over the following days (or weeks lol) but I always love to hear from people who have experience with different breeds. Can you guys share any useful info with me?
Incase if influences your advice at all here is some extra info about the dog, who I have named Pedro (It just seemed to fit him, I don't know why really lol):
1: From the looks of his teeth, he is not a young dog. They don't look too bad though. Maybe with a decent cleaning or better food they will improve a bit. I also haven't noticed any warts on him like I do on many of the older Cockers that come into the grooming salon I work at, so I don't think he's too old either.
2: He is black all over with tan eyebrows and paws
3: Though terribly neglected he is a sweet heart. He is great with both of my dogs (even Cassie, who is very territorial and still gets upset if he jumps on us or gets near "HER" belongings)
4: He is an intact male
5: If he's had any training, I sure haven't seen it. He barks ALL night, which I think may be out of boredom, or possibly a slight case of anxiety. I've put him in a crate for about the last 15 minutes and he hasn't made a sound.
I've never owned or really handled a Cocker Spaniel before, nor have I ever tried crate training with any of the dogs I've owned, so I will be happy to hear any and all advice you think I could use! Thanks in advance!