Can anyone offer me advice about my Chow Chow

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Hi, I'm hoping that someone can offer me advice. My 4 year old Chow Ken is amazing, however he has the most annoying vice which is getting worse. I used to be able to walk him anywhere but over this past year he has started to walk me and if I don't go where he wants then he lays down and refuses to move. I can literally pull him across the pavement and he plays dead. This has got so extreme that I no longer know how long I am going to be out walking him and I seriously feel like crying on occasions. Also, I've recently noticed that he seems a little panicky sometimes as though he is scared of something. I'm beginning to think he's scared of the dark. Tonight we set off on our walk but only got to the end of the drive and he stopped and decided to go back in the house which is really unusual for him. If anyone has experienced a similar problem with their Chow would you please email me at traceywatson39@hotmail.co.uk and let me know if you managed to improve things. He's brilliant off lead and follows me around the woods but now the dark nights have set in, I'm stuck to street walks. Hopefully someone out there can offer their advice, it would be most appreciated! Tracey