Chow Mix puppy here

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Chew-Chew! All- aboard the Chew- Train!
Barked: Fri Jan 23, '09 7:37pm PST 
Wuff! My name is Champ and my mommy got me about a month ago at the SPCA. They told her I'm a Chow mix puppy, and she thinks I have some German Shepherd mixed in. Am I the only Chow G Shep mix? Do you have any guesses how big I'll get? And should mommy continue getting me large breed puppy food or will regular puppy food be okay?

I like cookies
Barked: Thu Jan 29, '09 9:21am PST 
we're supposedly chow/shep mix, but you knew that already wave

What do you mean- this isn't my- couch?
Barked: Thu Jan 29, '09 3:02pm PST 

I'm a Chow mix too. Mom is an American Eskimo with Shepherd/ Border Collie an dad's a purebred Chow. My new parents are thinking that the shepherd 1/4 is Aussie due to my markings and blonde spots.

xena CGC

Barked: Sat Jul 27, '13 9:29am PST 
my dads is a registered and papered rotti my mom is a registered and papered smooth chow. i got moms coat and dads color. i have functioning dew claws. i have a full black mouth.