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Atopica Dermatitis

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Lucy the- Campaigner
Barked: Mon Oct 5, '09 8:11am PST 

I'm Lucy and I am allergic to chicken and other stuff too. Vet med's haven't helped much. Mom's taking Sambuca's advice and ordered Skin-Eze. It came in the mail on Saturday, we'll keep you posted on whether it works for me too. Thanks everybody for sharing.

Member Since
Barked: Sat Dec 10, '11 12:47am PST 
"I bought the Skin-eze treatment pack a couple of months ago for my 3 year old dog who has been having skin problems since he was about a year old. The spray included in the treatment pack made his itch worse and the capsules did not help at all even after going through the 360capsule bottle and the 120capsule bottle. The smell of the capsule is very strong therefore he would not eat it and I had to force it down his throat everyday hoping it'd improve his condition. He is still the same after the treatment. It is extremely disappointing after what I put myself and my dog through and the money spent. I hope you'd improve your product because the capsules did not work on my friend's dog either"

That was what I wrote on's facebook page and my comment got deleted and I was blocked to comment further. I emailed them before regarding my product experience and they did not reply either. I will never deal with them again nor recommend them to anyone.
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