Atopica Dermatitis

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Little Joe from- Bonanza -
Barked: Thu Apr 5, '07 7:28pm PST 
The vet is recommending I start Casey on Atopica pills for Atopica dermatitis. He has been on monthly shots and meds since he was 1 year old. Casey pulls his rear end fur out whenever possible - moreso in summertime. He has been on steriods which made him gain weight. I would like info from others about how this program ATOPICA has or has not worked for your pet. This program will be between $400 and $600 monthly with 2 pills daily. If this program works as described, Casey should eventually be weaned to two pills per week. Please send me your reply asap if you can help me make a decision as to whether or not to put Casey on this program. Thanks.

That's MR.- Momma's Boy to- you!
Barked: Mon Apr 9, '07 4:25pm PST 
Hi Casey! What a beautiful face you have! I can't really help you with your question, but you should post it in the general dog health forum. The dogs over there are very helpful and I am sure they can offer you some advice. Good luck with whatever you decide to do. I hope you feel better soon.

Tawny - (Minsimba- Pennylane)

Barked: Mon Apr 9, '07 11:17pm PST 
Our chow Tawny has suffered from this condition. The first vet we took her to advised us that it was a fairly common occurence in chows, and was most likely to an over-reaction, to an allergen, of her immune system. Finding the allergen is the hard part. Dustmites and fleas were eliminated first, then her diet was scutinized - nothing. Our best guess is that it is a slightly rarer allergy to grasses or pollens. Her condition flares in humid weather, mostly in the spring. To manage it, I wash her in Malaseb once a week and use plain porridge (oats) in a paste to sooth any 'hot-spots'. The most uncomfortable part for her is the ear infection that sometimes comes with itch. We were advised to use the Malaseb in her ear too, but this did not work. We now only use Surolan which clears up her ear/s in a day or two.


I'm the nanny!
Barked: Sun Apr 15, '07 9:37am PST 
Peaches is a Lhaso Apso who has dermatitis from fleas primarily. We started her on Atopica about 6 months ago, and the improvement in her scratching, matting from the scratching, and general life has improved 100%. I highly recommend this product if you're vet thinks it will help your dog. A cheaper way to buy it is online at either 1-800-petmeds.com or EntirelyPets.com. Your vet will have to okay the prescription, but it's a lot less expensive.

Good luck.

Barked: Sun Apr 15, '07 6:25pm PST 
good luck!
Sid Lazarus- Cash

Where's my- COOKIE???
Barked: Tue Apr 17, '07 1:13pm PST 
Hi Casey,
I'm so sorry to hear that you have itchy skin! YUK, I hate that when that happens. When I was about 5 months old, I had to go to the vet and have my fur shaved off around my shoulders because I had two HUGE hotspots on both sides of my shoulders AND my hip! I had to have 2 shots of morphine, antibiotics, cream and pain medicine! My Momma immediately bought this stuff called NUVET! I eat one wafer a day. I am almost 10 months old now and I have NOT had one hot spot and I am not itchy AND my fur is soft and shiny!

I hope you feel better,
Milo Oscar

Is it time for- my belly rub- yet?
Barked: Thu Apr 19, '07 4:06pm PST 
I am also on Atopica, 35mg every other day. It is working out quite well for me but I started out with 35mg daily. It costs my parents about $80 a month and I've been on it about 6 months. My skin was so itchy and stinky like yeast but now my skin has returned to a healthy pink and the smell is gone. I also have to have a weekly bath with medicated shampoo, malaseb.

Hope this helps!

Love, Milo

Barked: Tue Jun 26, '07 4:55pm PST 
Hi Casey, I'm assuming you've checked your diet to see if that could be causing the problem?? Lots of Chows are allergic to chicken, wheat, and other fillers that can be found in less expensive dog foods and treats. I noticed a huge difference in my Chows when I switched to Nutro Lamb and Rice. I won't feed them anything but Nutro now.

Barked: Fri Jul 11, '08 12:38pm PST 
Winnie had severe allergies starting at 6mos old. I got her skin tested, and she is allergic to 20 different things including fleas, cats, wool, dust mites, and various molds. I gave her the shots for 8 months and it helped, but she still needed Temaril-p every other day to be comfortable (has steroids in it). I eventually asked to have her put on Atopica and it worked within 3 wks!! No itching unless she gets bit by a flea. One flea bite sends her itching for days. But it works!!! I recently decreased to 1 pill every other day, and that holds her. Costs me $30 month...but worth it. I still give her the shots in case they eventually work and I can end the Atopica...but so far not...after 1 yr's worth. No side effects either.

I put my toys- away everyday,- neat trick!
Barked: Mon Aug 17, '09 1:02pm PST 
Hi Casey,
I wanted to write to you and tell you that my black chow has had two seasons of severe itching and biting. My vet had her on the cortesone and an allergy tablet. He said I have to go on Atopica because she is diagnosed with "Atopica Dermatitis."
I can't afford the medication but I love her so much I hated to see her suffer (which is approximately 5 months out of the year). I did order Skin-Eze after reading 167 testimonials on various forums and the Skin-Eze website. I gave her several oatmeal baths before starting the pills and it's now day six. She doesn't itch anymore, sleeps like a baby and is so alert and vibrant again. I have seen no side effects or change in behavior.
I prayed day and night before receiving the pills that this would be the answer. I gave her the 4 + 4 tablets twice a day and rolled them in a piece of bread with cream cheese. She adores the treat too.
I spent $30 for a month's supply and I truly feel it's much safer for her. I did purchase a very good air filter machine for my living room and kitchen, and I run the a/c whenever possible for her.
I know it's not every dog's answer, but I am sure glad I gave it a try.
Good luck with Casey,
Sambuca's Mom
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