Rescue dogs vs Breeder (rant)

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Barked: Tue Mar 25, '14 11:28am PST 
I'm about ready to lose it on social media. I have worked with a rescue for over a year fostering puppies and helping train them for their forever homes. While I loved doing it for the dogs I stopped fostering after being yelled at constantly by the main rescue people. Even though I am one of the best foster homes they had my dogs are trained and I talk to the people about continuing training recommend books, toys give advice and if people foster to adopt they never return my dogs back. Now the problem all these rescue people on social media are insane and like to constantly argue about why breeders are terrible and there are not any reputable breeders. You need to rescue from a shelter or rescue never a breeder you can't trust a breeder they only care about money. Well we all know there are good breeders out there that do proper health testing to assure your puppy won't have health problems and you can meet the parents of the puppies and see the tempermant of the parents. I think they are a lot of bad breeders puppy mills byb and pet store puppies and they should adopt if they are going to a bad breeder. But there are great breeders out there champion lines that know what they are doing and care to better the breed.

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Tell me about it! All I've heard the past couple of weeks from my parents, after officially paying for my puppy, is that "they're only in it for the money and that's all they care about", *rolls eyes*. Trying to explain to them anything different is an uphill battle.

Have also been surprised just recently at how many posts I'm seeing elsewhere from those in support of rescue. The way in which they're promoting rescue is just not very positive and is far to aggressive and "in your face" for my liking.

I've just given up trying to explain to them any different, as I have my parents.
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I get sick of it too. However, there is so much corruption when it comes to breeders that I can see why people would feel that there aren't any good ones. Technically, if a breeder supports the AKC (as well as many other corrupt kennel clubs) they are either in complete denial or they are choosing to turn a blind eye. Or I guess there might be some that are choosing to stay in the AKC in an attempt to "change it from within." shrug

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No kidding. I told my brother in passing that I was thinking about one day having a litter (champion Dalmatians) and my sister was like, "WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!?!"...because I love the breed and want to see a continuation of healthy, sound Dalmatian lines? I also dream about having a working line Border Collie or English Shepherd, and a possibly even a Kooikerhondje (which is rare in the USA, not found in shelters at all) at some point). I'm not even mentioning this to the rescue group that I'm working with. While one volunteer mentioned that she sees that good breeders have their place, someone else I know from there is actually on the "I hate dog breeders" FB page. I'm not even going there.

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People can be so out of touch with reality. You know what a sign of a good breeder is? They actively work to keep all their puppies out of the shelter. Good breeders contribute little, if any to the shelter population. If they don't get all unwanted dogs returned to them per their contract, said dogs are usually pulled from shelters via the breed club's foster homes. A number of said breeders will even pull and foster purebreds from shelters that weren't even bred by them or their colleagues.

In fact, I may consider looking to a breed club rescue if I ever decide to get an adult purebred dog because they will know more than anyone else about properly placing the individual dog in the ideal home. From my experience, a lot of shelters in my area are out to get as many dogs out the door as possible, home compatibility be darned.

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I want to start off saying both my dogs were rescues.

I think there are good and bad breeders. But there are good and bad rescues as well.

When we were looking for Bella we ended up driving 3 hours on way to pick her up and when we got there we

1- found a starved, scared, stinky dog that was sufering terribly with hot spots.

2- she was being fed a food thats main ingredient was turkey when they knew (they gave me the allergist report) she was allergic to turkey and duck.

3- was not told she had been physically abused

4- had nearly bitten the vet and her tech on a couple of occasions when she was scared.

5- were told she was house trained and new her basic commands when she it appeared she had never been in a house and barely knew her name.

At the same time we had been to numerous breeders who had well cared for and happy animals. They made sure we knew the breed and its specific needs.

I've seen terrible breeders trying to sell pups with mange as well.

It is all about the two legged animal in charge. You can't tell if they Breeder/rescue has the dog's best interest at heart until you meet them.

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I think people just tend to get overly opinionated one way or the other. There are good and bad rescues as well as breeders. What matters is you finding the dog that's right for you...that's all. My dogs were both shelter dogs. But my opinion is if there was a breeder who guaranteed having a pup like my Callie I would have spent far more money than I did to have him and would have been happy to do it.