what breed does he look like?

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Here's this pup at a german shepherd rescue in my area!

http://www.sheprescue.org/Gizmo von Goslar.html

He has such an interesting coat color! His face says not German Shepherd. But I could be wrong! The first thing I thought was canaan dog. What breed does he look most like/what breeds mixed? I'm extremely curious...

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Barked: Tue Mar 25, '14 9:48am PST 
His legs ears eyes and tail put me in mind of a chow. I had a shepherd/chow mix growing up and he looks alot like her (she had some black markings though)..
He is super cutecloud 9
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I agree, GSD/Chow mix. Very cute pup! smile


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Looks like a Australian cattle dog mix to me. smile
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I agree, there is def. a lot of Chow going on. It is funny to see such a Chow looking face on such a long and lanky dog. lol I wasn't expecting that when I started looking at the pictures. The color is also very Chow and of course you have the tongue spots agreeing with the Chow conclusion. He has a very sweet expression. smile I love my mom's dog that is also a GSD/Chow mix of some combination. She has a sweet face too but takes after a GSD more than this fella.

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Thanks for giving the knowledge regarding breed which is most suitable for dogs health.